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tortoise times

It’s tough to keep heading out for a run and ‘hold back’ – either because I’m trying to not go too hard too soon or because it does actually start hurting!

Yesterday afternoon I decided it was time for another run. It was still pretty windy so we tried something different and headed through a large park near our house. I’ve found the worst pain comes from walking downstairs so when we came across a large concrete staircase I was glad to have the triathlete about to carry me down! We took it slow but I still enjoyed getting out in the sunshine, and we still managed to cover about 6km.

Today I was itching to run again so I headed back to the waterfront. I covered just over 6km in forty minutes, which included three 5-minute runs and a 1-minute sprint. I was probably running a little too fast considering the issues I’ve had with my leg – but it felt so awesome to run again! I also think my running form was better when I wasn’t trying to run really slow. 

Sitting on the couch my leg and hip are both feeling a bit tight but I’m looking forward to putting in place a training schedule once I’m fully healed.

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ANZAC day + run

Although I’d hoped to head to the dawn service at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the heavy downpours and a lingering cold caused me to rethink. Instead we headed to the 10am service at St Heliers. It was a nice community service, with lots of families attending and paying their respects. Lots of children were out on their bikes and people had their dogs so it broke up the sombre mood.

After being lazy for most of the day, we headed out for a run. This was another slow walk-run, just to see how my leg coped. The triathlete was kind enough to jog along with me. Running along the waterfront was windy which made it a bit harder!

It was great to be out running again, but my IT band definitely still hurts. I followed it up with the foam roller and stretches but walking up and downstairs isn’t much fun.

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no experience required

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to train. Over the past few years I’ve completed two half marathons, a marathon and a few shorter distance races. Throughout my school years I was able to run pretty easily without training, but I definitely had a reality check after my second half!

First Half – little training but luckily my fitness levels got me through! Longest run prior was 10K so I was pleased to run most of the way and finish in 2hrs 13mins.

Marathon – decided I’d use some of my ‘spare time’ while on exchange to run a marathon for charity. Daily cycling about the city helped, as did 2-3 runs per week and playing netball. Didn’t quite help enough though, my pace group was super fast so I finished the first half in about two hours, but I dropped back (a lot) and finished the Copenhagen Marathon in 4hrs 50 mins.

Second Half – not really running prior meant I was struggling from the 10K mark. It was a slow, painful second half and I finished in 2hrs 38mins. I also could barely move for the next week…

After switching to the 10K instead of the half last year I managed to run the whole way and finished in just over an hour. I’d wanted to crack 1 hour, but as I was plagued by stomach gremlins from the 2K mark I wasn’t too disappointed. Lesson learnt: Gregg’s Cumin Powder contains wheat.

I’m excited to see what I can achieve with some proper dedication this time!

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the plan from here

The plan? Run Run Run!

Really, I need to run. I’ve signed up to do the adidas Auckland Half Marathon in early November. Last year I registered, but downgraded to the 10K due to my lack of training. It was the sensible thing to do but I was frustrated at myself – which is why this year I’m determined to train.

I’ll also be doing three of the Unitec Run & Walk events in the lead up, and the Sculpt Women’s 6K a few weeks after the half. I’m currently searching for a race to do while I’m on holiday in the US in July for three weeks, because I realise that a Contiki + running training probably won’t mix quite so well.

The majority of training plans available tend to have you running 5-6 times a week. That just isn’t me – I don’t want this take over my life – so I’m following a plan which is based on 3-4 run sessions per week (including speedwork and hills!). Adding in core workouts, indoor netball and some stretching/yoga work, I think this has me covered.

If I’ve got a written plan in place, I’m less likely to pike out. This blog is another way to keep me accountable!

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taking back the run

I’d finally got to the point where I could run for 30 minutes easily. I’d even got up early and gone for a run while on holiday in Sydney, and enjoyed it. I was following a 20-week half-marathon training plan that I had started after a month of short, sensible build-up runs where I progressed from five minutes of running to twenty minutes, and was about five weeks into the plan before this happened.

I’d just finished my best run to date (9km in 51 minutes) only to be struggling to walk up and down the stairs at home. Not ideal when you live in a two-storey house. Turns out it was my IT band playing up so since then I’ve been using a foam roller, resting and stretching, but now I’m ready to get back into running.

Each weekend I’ve tried to run/walk, sandwiching five minutes of running between five minutes of walking each time. This weekend I managed four five-minute-runs and I feel like I’m back on track.

Now to figure out my modified training plan…

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