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running towards…

5km or 10km?

I  can’t decide which to enter in the Run Auckland event at Onepoto Domain on the 9th June. The triathlete will do the 10km, which might just demotivate me a bit much knowing how much slower I am than him. He completed the Powerade Challenge this week in a superfast time.

I know the sensible option is the 5km, except if I try to run too hard and finish quickly. At least with the 10km, I’ll know I need to be careful and run slower to make sure I can finish without injury. I’d still definitely be trying to beat my 10km time from last November, and finish in under an hour though. The benefit of this event is that we can decide on the morning as it is a casual event.  This will be the first of a few events I’ll complete in the lead up to the Auckland Half Marathon, I feel that getting in a bit of ‘race’ practice will be good for me, especially in terms of hydration. I really don’t like drinking while running or playing sport, but know it is important and probably a factor in my marathon performance.

On another note, the countdown is on to my USA trip, and I’ve found a race for the morning after I arrive. I’ll be staying in Santa Monica for my first few days, and there is a fun run there I’m thinking of entering. They offer 5km, 10km, 15km and a half marathon options – I can at least be sensible enough to know that anything more than 10km on my limited training the morning after flying for 13 hours would not be a good idea! Plus, I would really like to be able to walk on my travels – I did learn my lesson doing a marathon just a week before travelling around Europe… Has anyone attended a Rocket Racing Productions event before? They seem like a fun, casual event.

I’m getting excited about being here!

At least all the walking around exploring new cities will keep my muscles moving, I need to be ready to run a 12km race in Devonport three weeks after I get home. That race covers some of the Auckland Half-Marathon course, and has a few hills so it will good practice. Its also near where I did my first ‘long’ run of 10km a few weeks before my first half marathon, back in 2009. That was such an achievement, and I’m grateful for my university friend who made me run before that race! Now I just have the challenge of beating the time I achieved that year.

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keeping up with the boy(s)

Well, I tried too. And I managed for a little bit…

Monday – headed out with triathlete, and triathletes brother, who is also a triathlete – albeit currently injured. We headed to the waterfront at a quick pace. Triathletes brother turned back about the 1.5km mark, and I let the triathlete continue on from the 3km mark while I turned back. They run a lot faster than me but I managed to keep up, and try continue the pace myself. I did accidentally stop my stopwatch so I don’t know how long I ran for, but there was no pain and I felt awesome.

Tuesday – another great battle at indoor netball! I play with a work team in a mixed grade, and sometimes it leads to some intense battles. I’ve had some serious clashes and bruises from games, but thankfully this week I escaped unscathed and even mixed it up a little and played attack – contributing to the goal count for once (usually I’m hanging out in defence).

Wednesday – well deserved rest… and prepared all my gear for a run the following night.

Thursday – my preparation paid off and I headed out for a run as soon as I got home from work. Triathlete decided not to head out despite my pleas, so a solo run it was. The injured triathlete joined me for the first 1km so I tried to retain his pace for my run. It was a bit too fast and I took a walk break after the first 3km. I then ran back and kept my HR pretty high. Unfortunately my micoach didn’t save my data correctly. This was my first tracked run in some time so I’d been excited to see the results. Sad face.

Lesson learnt this week after spending two days with sore legs is that if I’m going to run with the boys I need to do a quick warm up by myself first. And best of all, no IT band pain!

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run-walking on sunshine

After the gross weather we have had all week I was so happy to see sunshine peeking through the curtains this morning. Admittedly it is quite chilly out there, and my standard weekend ‘uniform’ of tank top, jeans, a cardie and ballet flats weren’t quite warm enough for running errands this morning.

The drop in temperature did mean a switch from usual short running shorts (necessary in the summer heat) to my 7/8 length lululemon tights. While I can’t believe how expensive they are, and that their quality seems to be dropping these are the Rangitoto view from Mission Baytights I spent forever searching for. Long enough to stop riding up above my calves and just all-comfy no fuss for running.

It was beautiful along the waterfront and it felt so nice to be in the sunshine. I also had no IT band or knee pain (cue angels singing), which might have been helped by me propping up the insole in my left shoe… I will try this again, hopefully it will alleviate some of my issues. Being cautious it was still just alternating five minute walks and runs along my usual 6.5km course.

I was especially glad to run today considering I had lamb roast family my family on Thursday, I’m having roast dinner with the triathletes family tonight and I’ve planned a three course extravaganza for Mother’s Day tomorrow night!

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drowned rat

I have to count running in the rain yesterday as one of my favourite runs ever – up there with running in the snow in Copenhagen, and through the Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

It had been raining on and off but I decided to take my chance and head out for a run. I headed uphill to start off with only a few spots of rain. This quickly changed to some steady rain, but it was still warm enough to be comfortable.

I was running well, my knee wasn’t hurting… and then the torrential downpourt begun! I was very happy I’d chosen my adiZero featherlite shoes (over my usual Nike LunarGlides) as they didn’t absorb too much water, and that I was wearing a cap so could still see. I was also glad I’d decided to leave my ipod at home for this run, as I don’t think it would have survived.

I managed to run for about twenty minutes over quite a hilly area – the longest I’ve managed since my IT band issue started in February. Running downhill on the last stretch was interesting, there was so much surface water that the water in the gutters was level with the footpath, and there were rivers of water rushing down the driveways.

I’d always been a bit nervous about running in the wet, and while I probably wouldn’t want to do this in the winter and risk getting sick, I had so much fun! I literally could not wipe the smile off my face, even when my flatmate laughed at me when she opened the front door to see me standing there like a drowned rat. Turns out that my ‘rain jacket’ really can’t cope with any rain, instead it just added a bit of extra weight for me so schlep around the streets.

There is more torrential downpours expected this week, knowing Auckland I’ll probably head out in the sunshine and then get caught in the rain. 

Now the challenge is on to find the perfect running jacket! It needs to be light, waterproof, have a hood with a drawstring, a fitted/adjustable hem, adjustable sleeve ends and be long enough to stop riding up above my hips, ideally be reflective and not cost the earth… surely that should be easy to find?

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the powerade challenge

The Powerade Challenge is back again!

It’s a 9K route along the Auckland waterfront, which you time yourself on using a nifty wristband and two vending machines. I’ll be including this as part of my training. It’s a relatively flat course, but it can get pretty windy along there.

The challenge course just happens to be part of my route to work each day. Regardless of whether I drive, catch the bus or catch the train to work, I get to enjoy the everchanging waterfront. In just one week we might have crazy storms with the waves crashing onto the footpath, to a beautiful sunrise reflecting across the calm water, to sunshine and wind with lots of sailors out and about.

It will the great to challenge myself against a bunch of work colleagues in our ‘team’, although really with my current IT band issue I’ll be glad to just make it the whole way a few times. The current plan is to do a slow run this weekend – and a run/walk attempt at the powerade challenge course next weekend! I’ll aim to complete the course four times over the two month period it runs for.

If you spot a slow runner in bright pink shoes, give me a wave – I might be battling!

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