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breaking up with my shoes

Dear Nike LunarGlides,

It was time for new shoes. They took you out of the box and my face said it all. Bright pink? Really?

But then I slipped my foot into the shoe, and realised how comfy you were.

I didn’t want to be another Nike-wearing too-cool-for-school Les-Mills-member, but you were the right choice on the day. You carried me through the 10km I didn’t train for, and we ran lots sunny kilometres along with eastern bays waterfront this summer.

But something just wasn’t right, and I’m going to lay most too the blame on you. None of my other shoes had ever caused me to be in pain the way you did. Between the IT band issues, toe blisters and searing pain through my toe, I had had enough.

You might have noticed my new friend arrive this week. They too are pink (because apparently I’m destined to wear pink running shoes for the rest of my life), although they have toned it down with some silver. They hold my foot nice and snug, stop me from rolling in (like you used to do…) and make me feel fast. All this and I can run without being in pain?

I’ll leave you hiding in the wardrobe, you might be brought out for when The Color Run finally hits New Zealand, or be taken as walking shoes to the US, or you might not. Anyway, I’ll leave you to think about YOUR failings, while I wear my sparkly new Mizuno Wave Nexus 7’s out for a run.

Goodbye, and good riddance.


I will note that I had the Lunarglides professionally fitted – and I went back to the store when I’d had them for about 3 months. We tried different socks and different lacing techniques which seemed to help, but I had just reached the end if my patience with these shoes! I had trained and run my marathon in a pair of adidas (pink…) shoes that I picked up from Fotex (Danish store) because specialist running shops cost way too much DKK for a student – and had no issues. I went back to the same store I got the Lunarglides from, albeit different branch, to get my new ones, and was still really happy with their service.

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iPod connected to the micoach… micoach connected to the…


I was lucky enough to win an Adidas micoach system last year. It took me a while to use it for the first time, but it is pretty easy to use. The biggest issue I have is getting connected before I leave the house!

You plug your iPod into the micoach pacer, then plug your headphones into the pacer. The pacer clips onto your waistband, then you need to pop the iPod into a pocket.

The micoach uses a footpod and the HRM to feed you data while you run, and you can even preload workouts onto it. I’ve only used it as a tracking tool in ‘free mode’. Thankfully you can change the voice – the British woman I started with it on annoyed me no end. It is customisable so I can choose what to hear and has been pretty accurate in terms of time, distance and pace BUT I’m quite a pedantic person so having wires and clips is starting to bug me. Also – you would think that Adidas branded clothing which has a micoach ‘pocket’ would be designed so you can put your iPod in the pocket? Not with the way the wires work (can only be set up one way)…

My real point of this is that while this has been good, I want something better. I had also been running with a Casio cheapie sport watch I picked up in Thailand (real quality…) but this been now been binned.

The triathlete runs with a timex watch (which is great for triathlons funnily enough) but is GIGANTIC. I have little wrists so am wanting something pretty streamline that I can link to my HRM.

The two main options I see are the Garmin FR70 or the Nike GPS watch.

Nike GPS watch

Nike GPS watch

Garmin FR70

Garmin FR70

As much as I like the look of the Garmin 10, it doesn’t haven’t heart rate connectivity. Since I already have a foot pod and a HR strap, I’m thinking that the FR70 is a better idea (I’m not too worried about not having GPS).

Has anyone used the Nike GPS watch? Or any recommendations on Garmin? 

Both are pretty expensive here in NZ compared to the US so might be a purchase to make on my trip next month!

(I won an adidas pack last year through the Auckland Marathon expo – it included the micoach, a pair of adizero shoes, a fuel belt and a cap)

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nifty running gear finds

When I find something I really like, I’ve learnt to buy more than one to avoid the disappointment of it having been discontinued when I look for a replacement. As most females can probably relate to, in the case of jeans I will generally buy two sizes – the ‘skinny’ pair and the ‘not-so-skinny’ pair. Case in point, my favourite Adidas running singlets. These are perfect – flat stitching, a small pocket and long enough to cover this long torso.

After some advice from Super Generic Girl I went to Dressmart Onehunga to search for a running jacket. This little number from Nike ticked most of the boxes on my wish list. I was really surprised at how hard it was to find what I was after, although it seems a lot of people don’t like waterproof jackets due to their sweat-keeping-in properties. I decided I’d take that over getting drenched. It should also make me easier to see in the dark!


With my crazy frizzy hair (tamed into submission with GHDs each day) not quite behaving during runs now that it is too dark at night to wear a cap, these little bands have been a lifesaver. I’ll be having a Keratin Blowout next weekend which should make winter/travel/running hair a little easier.


And to add to my increasingly colourful running wardrobe, a bright long top to keep me a bit warmer. Considering my corporate wardrobe is based on a lot of black, grey and white with occasional hints of colour this is pretty bold for me – especially combined with the bright pink Lunarglides (although they may be ditched soon…).


Thank goodness Rebel Sports have sales practically every weekend, since I refuse to pay full price for running clothes!

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