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actually running in LA

Because I apparently didn’t save a draft and posted a very short note about not running, here is part two…

I did actually run in LA!

On my last day before my tour I was awake bright and early again. I did seem to be struck by a little jetlag, struggling to sleep before midnight and the awake at 6am. I was staying in a hostel, so had all my gear ready to creep out of the room at 6.30am for a run.

I did question my sanity (getting up early to run on holiday??), but it was gorgeous, and a lovely way to see uncrowded Santa Monica beach.


It was a very gentle run-stop take photo-run effort, but great to get out there, especially after eating such unhealthy food and walking kilometre after kilometre in jandals!


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running LA

Well. Lots of work, social events and a bit of a cold has meant not much running happened before my trip to the US.

My intention to participate in a fun run the day after arriving was a bit ambitious. I forgot what it was like to sleep (or not sleep) in a hostel dorm room!