getting dirty


This was me at 7pm last night.

I’m not really a run in mud kinda girl (or sand, or stones, or grass). I quite like pounding the concrete. When it was pouring I knew there was a chance we’d be splashing over the fields at training, and we did. In a tempo workout that kicked my butt, I nearly lost a shoe in the mud, but had an awesome time with the ladies in my pace group. We started together and finished together, and I’m pretty sure I talked too much (not enough oxygen made it hard to get up the hill)!

A good workout and I didn’t fall over in the mud, which was my biggest fear. I’m a bit sore today though so glad it is a cross-training day with indoor netball tonight.

BUT how should you clean running shoes?? I rinsed them last night – they were so full of rain/mud I might as well have soaked them in a bucket! I’ve now got them drying over the tub and they’ll be in the hot water cupboard tonight… I think I need a second pair of these!

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8 thoughts on “getting dirty

  1. Sherry says:

    Mine looked like this the other day too! I rinsed them under a tap with an old dishwashing brush and let them dry naturally in the sun. They’re no longer white though!

  2. ohhhh muddy runs are the best- except the post-running part when you have to clean evertying. I usually soak them to get them clean and then let them air dry overnight on the porch….. if they are still a little damp, stick them in the dryer (warning: this is crazy loud having shoes bounce around) for a short time and they get dry in no time!

  3. I take the innersoles out of mine and then give them a good rinse and scrub. Had to invest in a couple of extra pairs due to all the mud on the farm this year. So there are going out running shoes and a pair of farm running shoes.

  4. ribbonrunner says:

    Sounds like quite a run! Hopefully your shoes weren’t brand new. I can’t stand running in wet shoes so you were a trooper.

  5. I managed to get them clean/dry enough to do my long run last weekend, and then I completely submerged them in slightly soapy water and scrubbed them (with the insoles being scrubbed separately) before leaving them in the sun, then following up with the hot water cupboard! Thanks for the tips – glad to know I’m not the only one with ‘shoe issues’!

  6. kreachr says:

    I’ve never cleaned my shoes. They look awful! Having said that, I try my best not to run through the mud 😉 I love your little marathon countdown calendar – a lovely reminder of just how close the event is getting…

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