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Although I’m still recovering from the Auckland Half Marathon, I’ve got a whole lot more running planned out. I made the decision on Thursday, pre-half-marathon, that I was going to stick to this ‘running thing’. Even in the moments I walked on Sunday, I was thinking of what I’ll be doing next, how I can improve, and when I’ll beat that 2 hour mark!

2014 looks like this:

19 January – Albany Lakes 10km (Race One)

09 February – Albany Lakes 10km (Race Two)

16 March – Skechers Coatesville Classic Half Marathon

13 July – Unitec Run & Walk Series 5km

03 August -Unitec Run & Walk Series 10km

24 August – Unitec Run & Walk Series 12km

14 September – Unitec Run & Walk Series 14km

05 October – Unitec Run & Walk Series 16km

02 November – adidas Auckland Half Marathon 2014

This is nearly 120km of events… But there is a bit of a gap around winter time. Might have to find something to fill that gap (no big month-long USA trip in 2014!).

My plan is to enjoy my last few weeks of indoor netball, perhaps fill in for a few games over summer (our team is disbanding) and enjoy casual running. From January it will be time to get stuck back in!

Any recommendations for a medium-mileage training plan?

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5 thoughts on “next steps

  1. That looks some really good running for 2014 🙂

  2. PNWRunner says:

    Wow! You have quite the schedule. I am terrible about planning my races ahead of time. You never know what the weather will be like here. So far I have a 5k planned later this month and the Seattle half marathon on Dec 1. Probably will squeeze in a ugly sweater dash or something for X-mas!

  3. Love the look of that schedule, you are going to nail that sub-2 with all that running! Enjoy your wee break 🙂

  4. Yay for sticking with this “running thing”! 😀

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