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a clothing dilemma

Within a short time of being around me, it is easy to identity me as having a Type A personality. This translates into my attitude towards work and life, as well as running.

As a consequence, I am really particular about my shoes, hair and clothes while running. Not in that they need to look a certain way, but rather they must be ‘correct’. By this I mean shoes must be tight, but not too tight, hair must be tied up and pinned back from my face (and not resting on my neck) and my clothes need to fit just right.

Post-holiday season my running gear has been feeling a bit uncomfortable, but I refuse to buy anything else just yet. I’m even avoiding the wonderful summer sales! Buying some Body Glide from Triathletes Corner in St Heliers has helped my arms at least, but I know this should hopefully be resolved soon as I kick up the training a notch for Coatesville.

My aversion to certain items of my clothing are causing me a bit of challenge when it comes to post work exercise. As my running shorts are just not right at the moment, and my tights are too hot, I’m rocking my short tights. Usually I love these, and will happily wear them for events, at netball and while running on the weekend, but changing at work and leaving the office in them is a bit weird. Bumping into various senior staff while wearing them (both before and training) = even weirder. As much as I love summer, I’m looking forward to reduced embarrassment as it gets cooler!

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starting off 2014: albany lakes 10km (race one)

First event on the list for 2014 – the Albany Lakes 10km put on by ‘Running Events’. This is the first of a three part series in the lead-up to the Coatesville Classic Half Marathon in March.

This was held the same day as the Auckland 70.3 Ironman, so I was on the road early due to the various road closures. It was a beautiful day, and driving over the harbour bridge knowing the triathletes were just starting their swim in the viaduct was pretty cool.

With a start time of 8am, the sun was up and it was starting to get warm. The route was two laps of a 5km route, with people able to enter either the 5km or 10km event. Mainly on roads and footpath, with a little section on a dirt track, it felt really hot and I felt like I was working really hard.

pre-race photo  (source: Running Events Facebook page)

pre-race photo
(source: Running Events Facebook page)

At the end of the first lap I seriously considered calling it a day and being recorded as a 5km runner. Although I had run the 8km home from work earlier in the week, I just wasn’t sure I could do another five. I employed the usual tactic of self-talk along the lines of ‘suck it up and deal with it’ and managed to drag myself past the turn off point.

My Garmin was almost spot on with the distance markers which meant I could trust the pace it was giving me. With a goal of achieving a time less than an hour, I passed the half way mark with plenty of time to spare. I made it to the finish line in 56.02 and I was pretty happy with that.

After the 5km and 10km events, a 2km kids dash was held. This was awesome to watch, and the first kid to finish was a girl in just a tiny bit over 8 minutes – very speedy for an under-10 year old.


family entertainment!
(source: Running Events Facebook page)

I’m looking forward to the second event, and now I know the course I’ll be aiming for a 55 minute time. All good practice to maintain my race pace to finish Coatesville around the 2 hour mark.

I can definitely recommend this event – very friendly, not too expensive, good entertainment and easy to get to/park etc. The first male finished in 34 minutes and the first female in 42 minutes, so a good mixture of fun and serious runners!

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adding some speed

The heat in Auckland has been really getting to me. Running is hard, sleeping at night is hard, motivation is low… so I decided enough was enough, and I needed a hard workout to shake myself up a bit. I headed to the nearby Victoria Park for a few reasons, including a bit of shade thanks to the wonderful trees, public bathrooms and to keep out of the crazy wind we’ve had. Gather & Hunt did a we profile on Vic Park here.


A not-so-summery Victoria Park
(source: Gather & Hunt)

During my time with TempoFit, we completed a race pace exercise as part of our speedwork. The intention was to consistently maintain our race pace, and feel comfortable at that speed. I modified the activity we had completed that day, for a post-work session at Victoria Park, as there is an easy one kilometre loop to follow. I’m pretty sure the kids at the skatepark were laughing as I kept going past!

Because of the heat and post-work sluggishness, I ended up completing 3 x 2km just slightly faster than my goal pace of 5:40/km. Although I’d intended to complete 5km non-stop it was just too much and I decided to take rest breaks. After my three sets, I ran a further 2km through the city at the same pace, taking me to a total of 8km.

I don’t feel like I’m quite getting enough time on my feet or distance completed at the moment, but this session at least made me feel like I could get my body moving at the pace I need it to!

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