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like a farm in the city: cornwall park

I knew about Cornwall Park and about One Tree Hill, but what I didn’t know was just how awesome it is. Such big fields, great paved paths and dirt tracks, sheep, cows, playgrounds and bathrooms!

Cornwall Park

I visited Cornwall Park on a sunny Saturday morning for a run with TempoFit people. We had an 8km route planned out, and I was pleased some of the girls around my pace were there – making it to 12km was feeling like it would be a big challenge. This is an approximation of what was going through my mind over this run:

KM 1: Oh, pretty trees! Eeek, watch out for the little kids playing cricket! A hill? Really?!

KM 2-3: Ouch ouch ouch. Who puts steps over a fence at the top of the hill? Ooo, some nice downhill. Where are the leaders? Do we know where to go? And sheep! Sheep! And a cow with a little calf!

KM 4-5: Big hill. Still going up the big hill. And, now I’m walking up the hill. Ugh.

End of KM 5. Nice clean bathrooms? Win! Right, onto the next part of the loop.

KM 5-8: Distracted by chatting with a new running friend. Jealous of the sprinting teenagers. Realise I am likely 10+ years older than them…

End of KM 8: Bye running girls! Need water. Need to stretch.

KM 8-12: Pick shady route. Run up, and down, and up and down. Decide I need to pop iPod in. Tackle the “big hill” again. Make it half way down, then turn around to slog back up. Melting… This is nice and cool. And shady. 11km done? Just one more. Just one more….



I completed this in just over 6min/km pace which is ideally what I wanted to (for a long, slow run). I may have needed some couch recovery time afterwards but I got through it! And today? Today I can still move without any pain! Success!

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speeding up: albany lakes 10km (race two)

After the success of my first event at Albany, I headed out there a few weeks later for the second race of the three-part series. With all the central city roads open (no Ironman 70.3 this weekend to cause closures!) I was able to leave a bit later.

My plan this time was to improve my time from the first race. I wasn’t too sure how this would go, but figured it was possible, especially if I didn’t walk at all. I tried something new food-wise this time for breakfast – an Abe’s Gluten Free Bagel and a banana at home, and then a piece of Venerdi GF Brown toast in the car on the way there. This felt a bit heavy in my stomach, but I didn’t have the “oh-so-starving” feeling that often happens when I run for around an hour. Still some work to be done with the food/fueling side of things but at least this worked and I didn’t have any issues.

It was just as hot this time as the first event, and I found it hard going to get started. There was also a lot of people in front of me who stopped and started walking within the first kilometre. With a narrow start to the event I think some people should have been a little bit more considerate, and maybe I should have been braver and moved closer to the start!

Knowing the course this time made it much easier and I knew where the photographers were to “try” and smile. I was very impressed by the leap into the air the woman in front of me did as we finished the first lap. As I started the second lap I was keeping pace with another girl, and we ended up running most of the second lap together. I finished a little ahead of her but had a quick chat after she crossed the line – her pace was so steady it helped me so much! We didn’t really speak for the 4.5km we ran together apart from an occasional comment, but the company definitely helped as there weren’t really many people around us.

With a finishing time of 55.21 I was pleased to have another new PB for the 10km. They also provide your 2.5km splits in the results, and I could see I had once again started out too fast. My second and third 2.5km split times were identical at 13.50 which I think was a fluke. I struggled in to the end with the last quarter being my slowest, but I managed to push through and didn’t walk at all.

I won’t be attending the third event as we are away that weekend which means no medal for me… but that is definitely an incentive to do all three races next year!

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