#50days: days one to five

After a dismal attempt at my long run on Saturday, where I had to catch the bus home after 5km, I started out again on the 1st of June, just in time for the first day of #50 days of winter running. I’m keeping myself accountable and will post little updates as I go.

Day One: a long slow run of 15km, including Tamaki Drive, Parnell, Newmarket and Remuera. I even had to run past the Prime Minister and his two security agents while he was out for a walk with his wife. I wish I had my phone on this run as it was such an amazing day!

Day Two: a recovery massage at Bodyneed in Ponsonby with Sophie. My calves really needed this. It was definitely painful, but very much worth it for how much better my legs felt the next day.

Day Three: a core workout video from Runner’s World and a bit of foam rolling. Got to keep those muscles working! There are lots of workouts available here:

Day Four: out for a lunchtime run around Westhaven. I’ve got the lunchtime run routine down now – starting with putting my hair into a ponytail while at my desk, and my garmin on while walking to the lifts! We are really lucky in our building in that we have great shower facilities, and with the colder weather running at lunch is quite nice.

Day Five: an evening run post-work. Such a still night and very warm again. I tried something different with a five minute warm up, then 3 x 1km at faster-than-race pace (absolutely the technical term for it), before a five minute cool down. A good way to fit a workout in without taking up too much time. I love running across this bridge in the dark, although tonight we had to wait for a boat to go through.


I’m looking forward to keeping a good mix of different things over the remaining 45 days – including the Run Auckland 10km I have on this weekend!



One thought on “#50days: days one to five

  1. I love the accountability of blogging about our training intentions. Sounds like your training is going really well. All the best with the Auckland 10km.

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