twelve and up

Well. #50daysofwinterrunning has felt like it has become 50 days of trying to avoid the awful weather (since when is Auckland crazy windy?!) and keep all the cold germs at bay. I did take the opportunity to pop outside from work and get some sun and fresh air the other day but nearly froze in the wind!

freezing in the wind

So, there may not have been too much planned running actually being completed but recently I have…

… finished the Run Auckland 10km at Western Springs. Turned out it was actually only 9.5km, but I still ran it much faster than my usual pace which gave me some confidence. Each of my four laps was quicker than the previous so for once my pacing was spot on! I started alongside the 5:30min/km pacer but quickly decided I could push it a bit more and I am glad I did. Also learnt a good lesson that no matter how chilly I think it is, Auckland only requires a singlet or t-shirt in a race.

… completed an awesome long run through the suburbs to the west of the city. It was nice to mix things up a bit, although we ended up running 1.5km more than expected. Not quite sure what happens but on my long slow runs my garmin often understates the distance (it measured 18km).

the long run that was longer than expected…

… started the Run Auckland Half Marathon in Orewa, and pulled out halfway through. I went along with my running buddy and she beat our 2 hour goal by a couple of minutes which was awesome. We turned up to find that there were no portaloos (really?!) and the only bathrooms were at the 5km mark. With race morning for once ‘going to plan’ I was very disappointed by this. I started a bit too fast to try get ahead to the bathrooms and remain on track, but this wash’t very successful. With the two weeks off previous due to a cold and my hip/IT band aching I decided it was smart to stop after one lap of the two lap course. It was the right decision and I enjoyed cheering on my various TempoFit buddies as they came through!

… ran the first event in the Unitec Run & Walk series at Mt Albert. I have signed up for the two lap series, and this weekend it was the 5km event. With only my parkrun times to go off, I had a goal in mind of 25 minutes. I didn’t quite get this, but finished in just under 25 1/2 minutes – which is still about 2 minutes faster than my parkrun times! I’m looking forward to getting back to TempoFit and doing some speed work to keep improving. I actually ended up as 3rd female out of 135 runners and walkers, which was a nice surprise when I checked the results yesterday afternoon.


a not so fast placing!








I’m now looking forward to the next four events in the Unitec Series and starting back at TempoFit next week. Motivation to run alone in the cold has been almost completely lacking!

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6 thoughts on “twelve and up

  1. kreachr says:

    Wow, congrats on your placing in the Unitec race!!! Sounds like you’re doing really well with your running, keep it up!

  2. leahevansnz says:

    I’ve just been trawling through your blog and am really enthused by the amount of races and events that seem to be happening back in NZ. I wasn’t a runner when I lived in Auckland or Wellington (I managed a round the bays event in each city – but that was the full sum of my running)…but now that I am a “real runner” I can’t imagine life without having the next race in the diary. It’s been something I’ve been nervous about, knowing we are moving back to NZ next year – what if there weren’t enough races for me?! (silly, I know!). So anyway, it’s getting me excited about the races I can sign up for in the future – so many NZ cities and towns to go away and race in. I can’t wait!

    • Michelle says:

      I think it has definitely improved over the last couple of years, especially in Auckland! I’m very jealous of the events and exciting things always going on in the US and UK. Are you moving to Auckland or Wellington? And there are a few parkruns around as well 🙂

      • leahevansnz says:

        I did hear a horrific rumour that you only receive a downloadable certificate after the Auckland Half Marathon – and NO MEDAL. This devastates me – I am all about the bling! (then again, you get a medal for everything over here – which maybe sometimes you shouldnt!).

        We are hoping to move back to Wellington, but it will be jobs/work dependent so could end up in Auckland if that doesn’t happen. We will see!

      • Michelle says:

        Sadly no rumour… very few medals in NZ, and usually only for marathons!

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