150 days to go…

Well, a scary item popped up in my Facebook feed – it’s just 150 days to the Auckland Marathon! Thankfully I am only entered in the half marathon, but I’m not quite at the point I hoped to be.

150 days to go

I’ve managed to keep injuries at bay (good luck rather than good management) but motivation has been lacking a little. I was hearing the same from my runner friends, so decided to kick-start us by organising some evening and weekend runs. This has helped me by forcing me to commit to running up to three times a week with others, which makes it a lot harder to laze on the couch instead. Solid after work runs and longer runs on the weekend are much easier when chatting away with friends.

The weather “bombs” that have hit Auckland in late May and early June have had me reaching for long sleeves, tights and warm socks. I don’t remember being this cold this early last year, but it is keeping the tomato face slightly at bay! It has been a balancing act though, I start off freezing so put on a warm layer or jacket, then need to take it off after about 10 minutes. Not sure whether it would be better to just be frozen for the first bit?!

Any winter running tips for me? I’m sure I’m just being a soft Aucklander, but I feel like it should still be summer!

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