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a clothing dilemma

Within a short time of being around me, it is easy to identity me as having a Type A personality. This translates into my attitude towards work and life, as well as running.

As a consequence, I am really particular about my shoes, hair and clothes while running. Not in that they need to look a certain way, but rather they must be ‘correct’. By this I mean shoes must be tight, but not too tight, hair must be tied up and pinned back from my face (and not resting on my neck) and my clothes need to fit just right.

Post-holiday season my running gear has been feeling a bit uncomfortable, but I refuse to buy anything else just yet. I’m even avoiding the wonderful summer sales! Buying some Body Glide from Triathletes Corner in St Heliers has helped my arms at least, but I know this should hopefully be resolved soon as I kick up the training a notch for Coatesville.

My aversion to certain items of my clothing are causing me a bit of challenge when it comes to post work exercise. As my running shorts are just not right at the moment, and my tights are too hot, I’m rocking my short tights. Usually I love these, and will happily wear them for events, at netball and while running on the weekend, but changing at work and leaving the office in them is a bit weird. Bumping into various senior staff while wearing them (both before and training) = even weirder. As much as I love summer, I’m looking forward to reduced embarrassment as it gets cooler!

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nifty running gear finds

When I find something I really like, I’ve learnt to buy more than one to avoid the disappointment of it having been discontinued when I look for a replacement. As most females can probably relate to, in the case of jeans I will generally buy two sizes – the ‘skinny’ pair and the ‘not-so-skinny’ pair. Case in point, my favourite Adidas running singlets. These are perfect – flat stitching, a small pocket and long enough to cover this long torso.

After some advice from Super Generic Girl I went to Dressmart Onehunga to search for a running jacket. This little number from Nike ticked most of the boxes on my wish list. I was really surprised at how hard it was to find what I was after, although it seems a lot of people don’t like waterproof jackets due to their sweat-keeping-in properties. I decided I’d take that over getting drenched. It should also make me easier to see in the dark!


With my crazy frizzy hair (tamed into submission with GHDs each day) not quite behaving during runs now that it is too dark at night to wear a cap, these little bands have been a lifesaver. I’ll be having a Keratin Blowout next weekend which should make winter/travel/running hair a little easier.


And to add to my increasingly colourful running wardrobe, a bright long top to keep me a bit warmer. Considering my corporate wardrobe is based on a lot of black, grey and white with occasional hints of colour this is pretty bold for me – especially combined with the bright pink Lunarglides (although they may be ditched soon…).


Thank goodness Rebel Sports have sales practically every weekend, since I refuse to pay full price for running clothes!

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run-walking on sunshine

After the gross weather we have had all week I was so happy to see sunshine peeking through the curtains this morning. Admittedly it is quite chilly out there, and my standard weekend ‘uniform’ of tank top, jeans, a cardie and ballet flats weren’t quite warm enough for running errands this morning.

The drop in temperature did mean a switch from usual short running shorts (necessary in the summer heat) to my 7/8 length lululemon tights. While I can’t believe how expensive they are, and that their quality seems to be dropping these are the Rangitoto view from Mission Baytights I spent forever searching for. Long enough to stop riding up above my calves and just all-comfy no fuss for running.

It was beautiful along the waterfront and it felt so nice to be in the sunshine. I also had no IT band or knee pain (cue angels singing), which might have been helped by me propping up the insole in my left shoe… I will try this again, hopefully it will alleviate some of my issues. Being cautious it was still just alternating five minute walks and runs along my usual 6.5km course.

I was especially glad to run today considering I had lamb roast family my family on Thursday, I’m having roast dinner with the triathletes family tonight and I’ve planned a three course extravaganza for Mother’s Day tomorrow night!

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drowned rat

I have to count running in the rain yesterday as one of my favourite runs ever – up there with running in the snow in Copenhagen, and through the Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

It had been raining on and off but I decided to take my chance and head out for a run. I headed uphill to start off with only a few spots of rain. This quickly changed to some steady rain, but it was still warm enough to be comfortable.

I was running well, my knee wasn’t hurting… and then the torrential downpourt begun! I was very happy I’d chosen my adiZero featherlite shoes (over my usual Nike LunarGlides) as they didn’t absorb too much water, and that I was wearing a cap so could still see. I was also glad I’d decided to leave my ipod at home for this run, as I don’t think it would have survived.

I managed to run for about twenty minutes over quite a hilly area – the longest I’ve managed since my IT band issue started in February. Running downhill on the last stretch was interesting, there was so much surface water that the water in the gutters was level with the footpath, and there were rivers of water rushing down the driveways.

I’d always been a bit nervous about running in the wet, and while I probably wouldn’t want to do this in the winter and risk getting sick, I had so much fun! I literally could not wipe the smile off my face, even when my flatmate laughed at me when she opened the front door to see me standing there like a drowned rat. Turns out that my ‘rain jacket’ really can’t cope with any rain, instead it just added a bit of extra weight for me so schlep around the streets.

There is more torrential downpours expected this week, knowing Auckland I’ll probably head out in the sunshine and then get caught in the rain. 

Now the challenge is on to find the perfect running jacket! It needs to be light, waterproof, have a hood with a drawstring, a fitted/adjustable hem, adjustable sleeve ends and be long enough to stop riding up above my hips, ideally be reflective and not cost the earth… surely that should be easy to find?

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