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‘sleepless in auckland’ – a world record attempt

I visited the Auckland Domain on Saturday where Kim Allan was attempting to break a world record all in the name of charity, raising funds for the NZ  I had seen this shared on Facebook by Super Generic Girl and on our local news sites and decided to make it part of my day.

I headed there in my running gear and visited the support tent. It felt a bit weird to walk up to Kim and her support crew, but at the same time I felt privileged to be a tiny part of her journey. I went through three laps (following the Sri Chimnoy Peace Mile) with Kim and her team, just as One News arrived to do an interview.

I struggle to put together a sentence when tired, let alone put one foot in front of the other for hours on end! Her support crew described her as tough and tenacious, and she really was. Despite the pain and discomfort she must have been in, she even checked that I had sunscreen on.

This evening she not only broke the record, but made it to 500km.

I made a donation before I left, if you would like to do so you can visit her fundraising site for the NZ Spinal Trust.

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beat the ten

Since the Auckland Half, I’ve struggled a bit to keep motivated. This probably also has a bit to do with having spent six weeks in a training group, and now being back on my own. I’m still happy with my call not to do TempoFit this side of Christmas and with various events and things happening with work it would have meant a very stressed Michelle all December had I done so!

They have also increased ‘Earlybird Parking’ near my work to almost $18, which is ridiculous and makes it harder to plan getting places post-work if I need to drive there. It is also practically daylight robbery…

I had seen the Nike Run Club around town and have followed Nike Britomart on Facebook for some time, but had never attended an event. I finally decided to be brave (current trend for me obviously) and go along one night. They are doing a four week program in the lead up to Christmas, culminating in a a 10km time trial on 18th December. The focus is either ‘Break the Ten’ or ‘Beat the Ten’ – I’m aiming to break my current 10km time of 57min 48sec on a run earlier this year. I’m sure I did the first 10km of the Auckland Half in under this time, but as I don’t have that on record my goal is to beat 57 minutes!


In the first week the Wednesday session was speed work. I thought it would be okay, boy was I wrong! I joined the easy/fun group but we took off at a fast pace from Britomart to Western Park in Ponsonby. There we did stair, hill and park run drills. It was tough! It was also raining, but thankfully quite warm. Last time (and the only times prior) I had been to Western Park was for Art in the Dark, so it was good to see my huffing and puffing up the hills on those nights was justified! My legs really struggled with the hills and steps, I was even cramping up on the last few drills. We still had to run all the way back to Britomart and when I plotted it on I think the evening would have been about 10km.

I’m heading along tomorrow night for an injury prevention session and either a 6 or 11km run. Hopefully this won’t be quite as hard and I won’t be sore for three days like last week!

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sunday sculpt 6k

For the third year in a row, the Sculpt 6k was held at Britomart.

My Mum has done this each year – the first year she did it alone (I went to the gym and saw her run past the windows), last year we did it together, alternating between running and walking. We did it again this year, walking at a fast pace. We finished in 54 minutes – only four minutes slower than last year.

Lots of smiling and excited women running here.

In the week since, she has started a Couch 2 5k program. I’m pretty excited for her! We thought we could do the Botany Town Centre Fun Run & Walk as a family in February – but that coincides with my 10km in Albany. She will be aiming to run the 5km event which would be awesome, and such a great achievement.

This was a fun women-only event, with people encouraged to dress up in a trio. There was some awesome costumes – the Vikings who won even acted out a show while they ran around the course. I had to smile at the Despicable Me Minions, although I don’t think their outfits would have been very comfy!

Next year we’ll hopefully run the whole way together – and I can recommend it as a fun, feel-good run.

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november project

I came across November Project this weekend. I read this article at Runner’s World. I watched this video. I checked out their website.

And now I really wish we had it here in Auckland!

Not 100% sure how I feel about hugging sweaty strangers, and it would have to be even earlier for me to fit it in around work… But really, this might actually be enough to get me to run before work (that, and the birds outside my window chirping at 5AM EVERY SINGLE DAY).

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final countdown

Three bad nights of sleep, three running ‘nightmares’.

Not quite your usual scary dreams, instead I dreamt that:

– I missed the start of the race and had to sprint to catch up after being stuck in the portaloo lines

– I was wearing all my jewellery (including my ‘business watch’ which I never wear running) and had forgotten my Garmin

– I slept through my alarms and woke up at 6.30am. As the race starts at 7am in Devonport…

This meant not such a restful few nights, especially when the triathlete was accidentally locked out of the house by our flatmate last night – meaning I got woken up at 1am when he got home! And then at 3am… Silly work social events 🙂

Other than sleeping it has been a good week – lots of rest, a short run on Monday and Friday, delicious dinner with the girls on Thursday night (no cocktails for me, boo!) and a visit to the adidas Auckland Marathon expo.

I chatted to lots of friendly exhibitors, including the Unitec Run & Walk Events, Coatesville Classic/Albany Lakes, Sport Beans and Runner’s World. I may have also entered a few events this week… More to come on that!

Thankfully it is a nice warm day here today, I’m off to meet some other running ladies for a catch-up before the big day tomorrow!

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survival of week one

I wasn’t quite sure how the first week new plan would go. Would I actually be able to breathe? Would my IT band flare up again? Would I be brave enough to go out in the cold and dark to fit a run in around work?

Yes, I could breathe (finally kicked the Contiki cough after antibiotics and an inhaler).

No, my IT band fared okay. I stretched and used the heat pack.

And yes, I headed out despite the chilly and dark weather we have been having. Really, this is always going to be easier after running in the snowy Copenhagen winter!

Goal for the week: simply getting out there and spending some time on the pavement.

Monday – 4km, 24min 30 sec. Happy to make it through without stopping! Ran with the triathlete so took a slightly different path to my usual, but still ended up along the waterfront.

Wednesday – 4km,  22min 30 sec. I’ll take that as a 2-minute improvement on the previous 4km run! I did this one alone too so was pleased I could maintain a reasonable pace by myself. We had planned to run by my work building but a last minute work event changed those plans. I was pretty impressed I ran after getting home, but was determined to stick to my plan.

Thursday – indoor netball as always!

Saturday – managed a 4km run/walk early in the morning while my car got serviced. Also managed to chat to my Mum on the phone for part of it… Perhaps that was why it was harder…

Sunday – headed out to a park in a nearby suburb which had a track through some fields. Totally overestimated the size of the park, we were finished our loop less about 2km. Stomach was playing up so we headed to St Heliers for some ice cream ( to resolve said tummy issues… I’ll pretend anyway) and then I headed out again once home for a run around the block to take me to 4km. Ended up just walking but I enjoyed the sunshine!

I’d definitely recommend The Village Co-op for delicious ice cream if you are in the neighbourhood, there might just be a little bit of a wait (chocolate sticks or mini gingerbread men in the ice cream totally make up for it though!).

All in all a first week I with happy with. I struggled a bit near the end of the week, but still got out there each day as planned.

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