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getting dirty


This was me at 7pm last night.

I’m not really a run in mud kinda girl (or sand, or stones, or grass). I quite like pounding the concrete. When it was pouring I knew there was a chance we’d be splashing over the fields at training, and we did. In a tempo workout that kicked my butt, I nearly lost a shoe in the mud, but had an awesome time with the ladies in my pace group. We started together and finished together, and I’m pretty sure I talked too much (not enough oxygen made it hard to get up the hill)!

A good workout and I didn’t fall over in the mud, which was my biggest fear. I’m a bit sore today though so glad it is a cross-training day with indoor netball tonight.

BUT how should you clean running shoes?? I rinsed them last night – they were so full of rain/mud I might as well have soaked them in a bucket! I’ve now got them drying over the tub and they’ll be in the hot water cupboard tonight… I think I need a second pair of these!

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breaking up with my shoes

Dear Nike LunarGlides,

It was time for new shoes. They took you out of the box and my face said it all. Bright pink? Really?

But then I slipped my foot into the shoe, and realised how comfy you were.

I didn’t want to be another Nike-wearing too-cool-for-school Les-Mills-member, but you were the right choice on the day. You carried me through the 10km I didn’t train for, and we ran lots sunny kilometres along with eastern bays waterfront this summer.

But something just wasn’t right, and I’m going to lay most too the blame on you. None of my other shoes had ever caused me to be in pain the way you did. Between the IT band issues, toe blisters and searing pain through my toe, I had had enough.

You might have noticed my new friend arrive this week. They too are pink (because apparently I’m destined to wear pink running shoes for the rest of my life), although they have toned it down with some silver. They hold my foot nice and snug, stop me from rolling in (like you used to do…) and make me feel fast. All this and I can run without being in pain?

I’ll leave you hiding in the wardrobe, you might be brought out for when The Color Run finally hits New Zealand, or be taken as walking shoes to the US, or you might not. Anyway, I’ll leave you to think about YOUR failings, while I wear my sparkly new Mizuno Wave Nexus 7’s out for a run.

Goodbye, and good riddance.


I will note that I had the Lunarglides professionally fitted – and I went back to the store when I’d had them for about 3 months. We tried different socks and different lacing techniques which seemed to help, but I had just reached the end if my patience with these shoes! I had trained and run my marathon in a pair of adidas (pink…) shoes that I picked up from Fotex (Danish store) because specialist running shops cost way too much DKK for a student – and had no issues. I went back to the same store I got the Lunarglides from, albeit different branch, to get my new ones, and was still really happy with their service.

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