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onward & upward

I’ve umm-ed and aah-ed and planned for a while, but now really need to get stuck into training again. I don’t have to start afresh since I’ve run most weeks since November, but there has been a lot of excuses and a lot of walking and/or stop-starting in my runs. Starting afresh with simply trying to get three runs in a week – two short, one long – has been good so far. Kicking chocolate out of my life for the month of June, another good start (too chicken to attempt Junk Free June – and my eating isn’t too bad overall!).

Onward and Upward

From here I’m looking to my calendar of running events and have set some myself some time goals for the coming months and events. I’m entered into the two-lap series for the lead up to Auckland Half and am looking forward to improving on last years times (and perhaps completing the actual distance I’m entered into!).

2015 Running Goals:

  • Sub-24 minutes for 5km
  • Sub-54 minutes for 10km
  • Sub-2 hours for half marathon

I ran 24.26 at the Unitec Series Race One (5km) last year and am looking to improve on that. I am on the hunt for a reasonable 10km as the Unitec 10km event is a little tough from memory – hills and gravel on the racetrack – but will be avoiding the various trail and ‘Tough Mudder’ type events popping up as we head into Spring. This girl doesn’t do mud.

Ready for another week. Simply three runs. Totally do-able. Ideally I’d be using my bike trainer and doing some yoga/core work but let’s not ask for too much just yet!

Onward and upward. I can do this!

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twelve and up

Well. #50daysofwinterrunning has felt like it has become 50 days of trying to avoid the awful weather (since when is Auckland crazy windy?!) and keep all the cold germs at bay. I did take the opportunity to pop outside from work and get some sun and fresh air the other day but nearly froze in the wind!

freezing in the wind

So, there may not have been too much planned running actually being completed but recently I have…

… finished the Run Auckland 10km at Western Springs. Turned out it was actually only 9.5km, but I still ran it much faster than my usual pace which gave me some confidence. Each of my four laps was quicker than the previous so for once my pacing was spot on! I started alongside the 5:30min/km pacer but quickly decided I could push it a bit more and I am glad I did. Also learnt a good lesson that no matter how chilly I think it is, Auckland only requires a singlet or t-shirt in a race.

… completed an awesome long run through the suburbs to the west of the city. It was nice to mix things up a bit, although we ended up running 1.5km more than expected. Not quite sure what happens but on my long slow runs my garmin often understates the distance (it measured 18km).

the long run that was longer than expected…

… started the Run Auckland Half Marathon in Orewa, and pulled out halfway through. I went along with my running buddy and she beat our 2 hour goal by a couple of minutes which was awesome. We turned up to find that there were no portaloos (really?!) and the only bathrooms were at the 5km mark. With race morning for once ‘going to plan’ I was very disappointed by this. I started a bit too fast to try get ahead to the bathrooms and remain on track, but this wash’t very successful. With the two weeks off previous due to a cold and my hip/IT band aching I decided it was smart to stop after one lap of the two lap course. It was the right decision and I enjoyed cheering on my various TempoFit buddies as they came through!

… ran the first event in the Unitec Run & Walk series at Mt Albert. I have signed up for the two lap series, and this weekend it was the 5km event. With only my parkrun times to go off, I had a goal in mind of 25 minutes. I didn’t quite get this, but finished in just under 25 1/2 minutes – which is still about 2 minutes faster than my parkrun times! I’m looking forward to getting back to TempoFit and doing some speed work to keep improving. I actually ended up as 3rd female out of 135 runners and walkers, which was a nice surprise when I checked the results yesterday afternoon.


a not so fast placing!








I’m now looking forward to the next four events in the Unitec Series and starting back at TempoFit next week. Motivation to run alone in the cold has been almost completely lacking!

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speeding up: albany lakes 10km (race two)

After the success of my first event at Albany, I headed out there a few weeks later for the second race of the three-part series. With all the central city roads open (no Ironman 70.3 this weekend to cause closures!) I was able to leave a bit later.

My plan this time was to improve my time from the first race. I wasn’t too sure how this would go, but figured it was possible, especially if I didn’t walk at all. I tried something new food-wise this time for breakfast – an Abe’s Gluten Free Bagel and a banana at home, and then a piece of Venerdi GF Brown toast in the car on the way there. This felt a bit heavy in my stomach, but I didn’t have the “oh-so-starving” feeling that often happens when I run for around an hour. Still some work to be done with the food/fueling side of things but at least this worked and I didn’t have any issues.

It was just as hot this time as the first event, and I found it hard going to get started. There was also a lot of people in front of me who stopped and started walking within the first kilometre. With a narrow start to the event I think some people should have been a little bit more considerate, and maybe I should have been braver and moved closer to the start!

Knowing the course this time made it much easier and I knew where the photographers were to “try” and smile. I was very impressed by the leap into the air the woman in front of me did as we finished the first lap. As I started the second lap I was keeping pace with another girl, and we ended up running most of the second lap together. I finished a little ahead of her but had a quick chat after she crossed the line – her pace was so steady it helped me so much! We didn’t really speak for the 4.5km we ran together apart from an occasional comment, but the company definitely helped as there weren’t really many people around us.

With a finishing time of 55.21 I was pleased to have another new PB for the 10km. They also provide your 2.5km splits in the results, and I could see I had once again started out too fast. My second and third 2.5km split times were identical at 13.50 which I think was a fluke. I struggled in to the end with the last quarter being my slowest, but I managed to push through and didn’t walk at all.

I won’t be attending the third event as we are away that weekend which means no medal for me… but that is definitely an incentive to do all three races next year!

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starting off 2014: albany lakes 10km (race one)

First event on the list for 2014 – the Albany Lakes 10km put on by ‘Running Events’. This is the first of a three part series in the lead-up to the Coatesville Classic Half Marathon in March.

This was held the same day as the Auckland 70.3 Ironman, so I was on the road early due to the various road closures. It was a beautiful day, and driving over the harbour bridge knowing the triathletes were just starting their swim in the viaduct was pretty cool.

With a start time of 8am, the sun was up and it was starting to get warm. The route was two laps of a 5km route, with people able to enter either the 5km or 10km event. Mainly on roads and footpath, with a little section on a dirt track, it felt really hot and I felt like I was working really hard.

pre-race photo  (source: Running Events Facebook page)

pre-race photo
(source: Running Events Facebook page)

At the end of the first lap I seriously considered calling it a day and being recorded as a 5km runner. Although I had run the 8km home from work earlier in the week, I just wasn’t sure I could do another five. I employed the usual tactic of self-talk along the lines of ‘suck it up and deal with it’ and managed to drag myself past the turn off point.

My Garmin was almost spot on with the distance markers which meant I could trust the pace it was giving me. With a goal of achieving a time less than an hour, I passed the half way mark with plenty of time to spare. I made it to the finish line in 56.02 and I was pretty happy with that.

After the 5km and 10km events, a 2km kids dash was held. This was awesome to watch, and the first kid to finish was a girl in just a tiny bit over 8 minutes – very speedy for an under-10 year old.


family entertainment!
(source: Running Events Facebook page)

I’m looking forward to the second event, and now I know the course I’ll be aiming for a 55 minute time. All good practice to maintain my race pace to finish Coatesville around the 2 hour mark.

I can definitely recommend this event – very friendly, not too expensive, good entertainment and easy to get to/park etc. The first male finished in 34 minutes and the first female in 42 minutes, so a good mixture of fun and serious runners!

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beat the ten

Since the Auckland Half, I’ve struggled a bit to keep motivated. This probably also has a bit to do with having spent six weeks in a training group, and now being back on my own. I’m still happy with my call not to do TempoFit this side of Christmas and with various events and things happening with work it would have meant a very stressed Michelle all December had I done so!

They have also increased ‘Earlybird Parking’ near my work to almost $18, which is ridiculous and makes it harder to plan getting places post-work if I need to drive there. It is also practically daylight robbery…

I had seen the Nike Run Club around town and have followed Nike Britomart on Facebook for some time, but had never attended an event. I finally decided to be brave (current trend for me obviously) and go along one night. They are doing a four week program in the lead up to Christmas, culminating in a a 10km time trial on 18th December. The focus is either ‘Break the Ten’ or ‘Beat the Ten’ – I’m aiming to break my current 10km time of 57min 48sec on a run earlier this year. I’m sure I did the first 10km of the Auckland Half in under this time, but as I don’t have that on record my goal is to beat 57 minutes!


In the first week the Wednesday session was speed work. I thought it would be okay, boy was I wrong! I joined the easy/fun group but we took off at a fast pace from Britomart to Western Park in Ponsonby. There we did stair, hill and park run drills. It was tough! It was also raining, but thankfully quite warm. Last time (and the only times prior) I had been to Western Park was for Art in the Dark, so it was good to see my huffing and puffing up the hills on those nights was justified! My legs really struggled with the hills and steps, I was even cramping up on the last few drills. We still had to run all the way back to Britomart and when I plotted it on mapometer.com I think the evening would have been about 10km.

I’m heading along tomorrow night for an injury prevention session and either a 6 or 11km run. Hopefully this won’t be quite as hard and I won’t be sore for three days like last week!

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next steps

Although I’m still recovering from the Auckland Half Marathon, I’ve got a whole lot more running planned out. I made the decision on Thursday, pre-half-marathon, that I was going to stick to this ‘running thing’. Even in the moments I walked on Sunday, I was thinking of what I’ll be doing next, how I can improve, and when I’ll beat that 2 hour mark!

2014 looks like this:

19 January – Albany Lakes 10km (Race One)

09 February – Albany Lakes 10km (Race Two)

16 March – Skechers Coatesville Classic Half Marathon

13 July – Unitec Run & Walk Series 5km

03 August -Unitec Run & Walk Series 10km

24 August – Unitec Run & Walk Series 12km

14 September – Unitec Run & Walk Series 14km

05 October – Unitec Run & Walk Series 16km

02 November – adidas Auckland Half Marathon 2014

This is nearly 120km of events… But there is a bit of a gap around winter time. Might have to find something to fill that gap (no big month-long USA trip in 2014!).

My plan is to enjoy my last few weeks of indoor netball, perhaps fill in for a few games over summer (our team is disbanding) and enjoy casual running. From January it will be time to get stuck back in!

Any recommendations for a medium-mileage training plan?

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weeks three & four, rolling on the floor

The dream run started to fade a bit over these weeks. My left had started to hurt a bit and I took a bit more rest than I had planned.

During week three I managed two 5km runs and then a longer run of 8.5km on the Sunday. I’d planned to run both Saturday and Sunday, but I ended up helping my parents with their business in the morning (tiring!) and then had my hair done. Priorities!

Week four was a bit different. We ran post-work on Tuesday in the city – and for the second week in a row I had to run up six flights of stairs as the lifts were packed with people being shown through the building and then had people urgently trying to get hold of me to sort out issues. Poor triathlete had to wait outside in the chilly air while I sorted things! I didn’t fit in another run until Sunday, which was actually a good thing. Before the weekend I ‘cheated’ and did a Nike Training Club workout instead of running again to try and strengthen my core.

Sunday of week four perked me up a bit though. I knew I needed to tackle a 10km run. Bear in mind I hadn’t run this far since my pulled-out-of-the-half 10km race last November. I had run 9km earlier this year, and that was the day my IT band freaked out. Bit of a mental challenge to get through, but I knew it was needed! The triathlete had decided to join me for 5km and ended up running the full 10km with me. I knew I wanted to do it in under an hour. With three kilometres to go I was feeling good (we had taken a quick stretch break at 5.5km), but I quickly became angry runner when he decided running across a muddy field was a good idea. It was not. I believe I may have used the word ‘hate’ while dashing about the field to make up my last kilometre!

We did the 10km in 57min 48sec. I was incredibly excited, especially when I saw that meant our average pace was less than 6 minutes. I could even walk the next day, and was feeling okay about the Run and Walk event the following weekend.

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