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race pace, race face

Saturday was my last TempoFit session. I’m sad the season has come to an end, the 6 week program has meant I am ready ready ready for the Auckland Half Marathon, so I’ve signed up for 2014! I felt I needed a bit of a break after this training period, plus heading into the silly season some less structured training might be better for me.

To finish up, we did a 2km warm-up, followed by 5x1km at race pace (continuous). I was aiming for 5.40/km here, the absolute minimum I need to crack 2 hours. Turns out my little bunch of three (including me) ran this at 5.30/km. We followed this up with a light 15 minute run.

Considering a few months ago I couldn’t run more than 20 minutes straight, I’m pretty excited to be able to say I did a 2km warm-up, then a 5km workout! I may have said this to the triathlete multiple times over the weekend. To his credit he continued to reply that he was proud of me 🙂

I felt pretty good after the 5km, and even after our additional jog. This gives me confidence for the half-marathon, but now I’m struggling to decide on my actual goals. I think the idea of having an A, B and C goal might be good for me, especially if it is hot, or things just don’t quite go to plan. A niggly hip following some furniture moving over the weekend is also causing me some concern.

With a week to go, I’m rolling, icing, resting, using voltaren. Now to just get myself mentally ready, set my goals, and sort out my iPod!

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ANZAC day + run

Although I’d hoped to head to the dawn service at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the heavy downpours and a lingering cold caused me to rethink. Instead we headed to the 10am service at St Heliers. It was a nice community service, with lots of families attending and paying their respects. Lots of children were out on their bikes and people had their dogs so it broke up the sombre mood.

After being lazy for most of the day, we headed out for a run. This was another slow walk-run, just to see how my leg coped. The triathlete was kind enough to jog along with me. Running along the waterfront was windy which made it a bit harder!

It was great to be out running again, but my IT band definitely still hurts. I followed it up with the foam roller and stretches but walking up and downstairs isn’t much fun.

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