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adding some speed

The heat in Auckland has been really getting to me. Running is hard, sleeping at night is hard, motivation is low… so I decided enough was enough, and I needed a hard workout to shake myself up a bit. I headed to the nearby Victoria Park for a few reasons, including a bit of shade thanks to the wonderful trees, public bathrooms and to keep out of the crazy wind we’ve had. Gather & Hunt did a we profile on Vic Park here.


A not-so-summery Victoria Park
(source: Gather & Hunt)

During my time with TempoFit, we completed a race pace exercise as part of our speedwork. The intention was to consistently maintain our race pace, and feel comfortable at that speed. I modified the activity we had completed that day, for a post-work session at Victoria Park, as there is an easy one kilometre loop to follow. I’m pretty sure the kids at the skatepark were laughing as I kept going past!

Because of the heat and post-work sluggishness, I ended up completing 3 x 2km just slightly faster than my goal pace of 5:40/km. Although I’d intended to complete 5km non-stop it was just too much and I decided to take rest breaks. After my three sets, I ran a further 2km through the city at the same pace, taking me to a total of 8km.

I don’t feel like I’m quite getting enough time on my feet or distance completed at the moment, but this session at least made me feel like I could get my body moving at the pace I need it to!

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