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#50days: days six to eleven

It’s been fun seeing the various activities people are doing as part of the #50daysofwinterrunning challenge. I’ve even been converted to Instagram as part of it!

Day Six: Friday is always my rest day. For some reason, I’ve always struggled with exercising on a Friday – I’m not sure why! After a busy week at work I spent a bit of time on mapometer.com planning a route for the next morning, then did some foam rolling.

Day Seven: I met one of my TempoFit buddies for a long run. We ran 14km around the city and through the Domain. I felt like it was much more of a struggle than the weekend before, although I’m not sure why. No Prime Minister sightings this time, but lots of pretty leaves.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 9.13.42 pm

Day Eight: After the run on Saturday I was keen to take it fairly easy on Sunday. My Mizuno’s are starting to get a bit worn down now, and unfortunately they discontinued the Wave Nexus. I was on my third pair, but now they are nowhere to be found. I wanted to get a comfy pair to use alongside my Asics, so I popped into my local Shoe Science. The team there was great as usual, and I ended up leaving with the Adidas Supernova Glide – back to pink shoes!¬†I finished off the weekend with some more foam rolling (ugh!) and a Nike Training Club workout.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 9.17.34 pm


Day Nine: In typical winter running form, it was raining. I ended doing a Nike Training Club (NTC) workout at home, while the triathlete made dinner. The app is great with so many different workouts available to choose from. I may have ended up yelling at the poor voiceover but that was simply due to my lack of flexibility ūüôā

Day Ten: And then the storm hit. It wasn’t possible to run after work due to the crazy weather, so I decided that my 2km walk commute (work to train, train station to home) would have to do, and at least I was wearing sneakers! I also managed another NTC workout, although this time it was a 15-minute yoga session. It’s fair to say my muscles are pretty sore!

Day Eleven: Took my new shoes out for the first time on a short 30 minute run around the central city. I was worried I would be frozen but it was still really warm. Such weird weather and makes me worried for this weekend and the Run Auckland 10km I am meant to be doing.

Want to join the #50daysofwinterrunning challenge? Check out Hayden’s blog here and get inspired to mix things up a bit this winter!


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getting dirty


This was me at 7pm last night.

I’m not really a run in mud kinda girl (or sand, or stones, or grass). I quite like pounding the concrete. When it was pouring I knew there was a chance we’d be splashing over the fields at training, and we did. In a tempo workout that kicked my butt, I nearly lost a shoe in the mud, but had an awesome time with the ladies in my pace group. We started together and finished together, and I’m pretty sure I talked too much (not enough oxygen made it hard to get up the hill)!

A good workout and I didn’t fall over in the mud, which was my biggest fear. I’m a bit sore today though so glad it is a cross-training day with indoor netball tonight.

BUT how should you clean running shoes?? I rinsed them last night – they were so full of rain/mud I might as well have soaked them in a bucket! I’ve now got them drying over the tub and they’ll be in the hot water cupboard tonight… I think I need a second pair of these!

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drowned rat

I have to count running in the rain yesterday as one of my favourite runs ever – up there with running in the snow in Copenhagen, and through the Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

It had been raining on and off but I decided to take my chance and head out for a run. I headed uphill to start off with only a few spots of rain. This quickly changed to some steady rain, but it was still warm enough to be comfortable.

I was running well, my knee wasn’t hurting… and then the torrential downpourt begun! I was very happy I’d chosen my¬†adiZero featherlite shoes (over my usual Nike¬†LunarGlides)¬†as they didn’t¬†absorb too much water, and¬†that I was wearing a cap so could still see.¬†I was also glad I’d¬†decided to leave my ipod at home for this run, as I don’t think it would have survived.

I managed to run for about twenty minutes over¬†quite a¬†hilly area¬†– the longest I’ve managed since my IT band issue started in February. Running downhill on the last stretch was interesting,¬†there was so¬†much surface¬†water that the¬†water in the gutters was level with the¬†footpath, and there were rivers of water¬†rushing down the¬†driveways.

I’d always been a bit nervous about running in the wet, and while I probably wouldn’t want to do this in the winter and risk¬†getting¬†sick, I had so much fun! I literally could not wipe the smile off my face, even when my flatmate laughed at me when she opened the front door to see me standing there like a drowned rat. Turns out that¬†my¬†‘rain jacket’¬†really can’t cope with any rain, instead it just added a bit of extra weight for me so schlep around the streets.

There is more torrential downpours expected this week, knowing¬†Auckland I’ll probably¬†head out in the sunshine and then get¬†caught in the rain.¬†

Now the challenge is on to find the perfect running jacket! It needs to be light, waterproof, have a hood with a drawstring, a fitted/adjustable hem,¬†adjustable sleeve ends¬†and be long enough to stop riding up above my hips, ideally be reflective and not cost the earth… surely that should be easy to find?

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the powerade challenge

The Powerade Challenge is back again!

It’s a 9K route along the Auckland waterfront, which you time yourself on using a nifty wristband and two vending machines. I’ll be including this as part of my training. It’s a relatively flat course, but it can get pretty windy along there.

The challenge course just happens to be part of my route to work each day. Regardless of whether I drive, catch the bus or catch the train to work, I get to enjoy the everchanging waterfront. In just one week we might have crazy storms with the waves crashing onto the footpath, to a beautiful sunrise reflecting across the calm water, to sunshine and wind with lots of sailors out and about.

It will the great to challenge myself against a bunch of work colleagues in our ‘team’, although really with my current IT band issue I’ll be glad to just make it the whole way a few times. The current plan is to do a slow run this weekend – and a run/walk attempt at the powerade challenge course next weekend! I’ll aim to complete the course four times over the two month period it runs for.

If you spot a slow runner in bright pink shoes, give me a wave – I might be battling!

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