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finishing off 2013

For the final day of 2013, I decided a morning run was in order. As we are (thankfully) operating on an early/late schedule due to it being such a quiet time, with today being my turn to start “late” I was still able to sleep until 7am before heading out.

5km along the waterfront made me realise once again how awesome Auckland can be – especially when half the population seems to be away!

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swimming before summer

I never would have guessed I’d be this brave, but I went for a swim at our local beach before summer has even started.

Kohimarama Beach

Kohimarama Beach

By “swim” I mean that I stood in knee-high water shivering while the triathlete swam, feeling like a wimp. When he decided it was time to get out, I was finally ready to be BRAVE… So gingerly attempted a bit of breaststroke and did a few duck-dives. I love swimming and being in the water, but hate being cold. Roll on 1st December and the start of Summer!


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final countdown

Three bad nights of sleep, three running ‘nightmares’.

Not quite your usual scary dreams, instead I dreamt that:

– I missed the start of the race and had to sprint to catch up after being stuck in the portaloo lines

– I was wearing all my jewellery (including my ‘business watch’ which I never wear running) and had forgotten my Garmin

– I slept through my alarms and woke up at 6.30am. As the race starts at 7am in Devonport…

This meant not such a restful few nights, especially when the triathlete was accidentally locked out of the house by our flatmate last night – meaning I got woken up at 1am when he got home! And then at 3am… Silly work social events 🙂

Other than sleeping it has been a good week – lots of rest, a short run on Monday and Friday, delicious dinner with the girls on Thursday night (no cocktails for me, boo!) and a visit to the adidas Auckland Marathon expo.

I chatted to lots of friendly exhibitors, including the Unitec Run & Walk Events, Coatesville Classic/Albany Lakes, Sport Beans and Runner’s World. I may have also entered a few events this week… More to come on that!

Thankfully it is a nice warm day here today, I’m off to meet some other running ladies for a catch-up before the big day tomorrow!

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turning up the heat

A sunny Sunday morning.

And what am I doing? Instead of having a relaxing breakfast on the deck, I was trying to choke down some GF toast and a banana, before driving out to Sir Barry Curtis Park for the final Unitec Run and Walk event for 2013.

I had a little bit of trouble parking, but it was very quick to get my bib. Lots of porta-loos too which meant ‘happy’ runners, although with two minutes to go there was still a large line!

I quickly realised that the heat was going to impact my time, and decided to revise my expectations. Mentally, it was the right thing to amend my goal time of 1hr 30min for the 16km to 1hr 45min. This took a bit of pressure off, and when I discovered the slightly hilly nature of the course I realised I’d made a good call. No point going to hard with just a month to go until the Auckland Half Marathon. It was over a good mixture of dirt path, paved footpath, road and grass which helped break it up in my mind. It was hard to go through the start/finish line gantry when starting lap two – I can’t imagine how the four lap runners felt! At least they had started at 8am.

I was glad I’d applied a lot of sunscreen before I left home, especially on my face, as I made the mistake of leaving my cap at home. I usually run with a cap, not sunglasses, but I didn’t even have a back-up pair in the car to use. At least you can tell it is me in the event photos this time! I still managed to end up with the awkward runner tan line of a triangular elbow crease. At least this shows my arms were in the correct formation for the run.

It was a very friendly race and some kind words and a smile from two ladies (that had actually met each other in the porta-loo queue and ran the event together) helped me get through despite the heat and my aching body. I tried jelly beans in this race for a quick sugar kick, and they thankfully didn’t make my already grumpy stomach any worse.

I’m not sure I’ve ever run that far in training (even when training for my marathon…) so I felt pretty pleased to finish, even if slower than expected in 1hr 37min. My garmin also measured only 15.3km… But I’m definitely claiming this one as 16km!


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taking the long way home

One of the benefits of working in town and living in the Eastern Bays is that our commute is actually really nice. So much so that we can’t imagine moving elsewhere, we’ll enjoy this while we can!

I decided that I’d utilise my time well and run home work on Tuesday night. I dropped my gear off to the triathlete after walking the 1km between our buildings and started jogging along the waterfront. Turns out I was running a little too fast – I’ll blame that on the sunshine following daylights savings and winding the clock back! I slowed down a bit and joined a number of others making my way out of town along the waterfront path.

I took a stretch/water break about the 4k mark, knowing I had a decision to make soon – take the earlier turn (shorter distance overall, but a slow grind up and then a killer hill), or take the later turn (longer distance but flat except for one hill to climb as my war down). My legs were feeling good, so I decided on the later turn and making it to 8km. At this point I also realised I could try and do it in 45 minutes, and I achieved this! Being that I only just managed to complete a 7km event in 40 minutes, and the 8km was after a long day at work, I felt pretty awesome, and then I felt like I needed a sleep!

This involved a bit of planning and more time co-ordination than usual, but I think it paid off. Thankfully the weather was nice – and once the triathlete drove off I had no choice but to run home (I did have a bus card and some cash ‘just in case’ but I was strong!)

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survival of week one

I wasn’t quite sure how the first week new plan would go. Would I actually be able to breathe? Would my IT band flare up again? Would I be brave enough to go out in the cold and dark to fit a run in around work?

Yes, I could breathe (finally kicked the Contiki cough after antibiotics and an inhaler).

No, my IT band fared okay. I stretched and used the heat pack.

And yes, I headed out despite the chilly and dark weather we have been having. Really, this is always going to be easier after running in the snowy Copenhagen winter!

Goal for the week: simply getting out there and spending some time on the pavement.

Monday – 4km, 24min 30 sec. Happy to make it through without stopping! Ran with the triathlete so took a slightly different path to my usual, but still ended up along the waterfront.

Wednesday – 4km,  22min 30 sec. I’ll take that as a 2-minute improvement on the previous 4km run! I did this one alone too so was pleased I could maintain a reasonable pace by myself. We had planned to run by my work building but a last minute work event changed those plans. I was pretty impressed I ran after getting home, but was determined to stick to my plan.

Thursday – indoor netball as always!

Saturday – managed a 4km run/walk early in the morning while my car got serviced. Also managed to chat to my Mum on the phone for part of it… Perhaps that was why it was harder…

Sunday – headed out to a park in a nearby suburb which had a track through some fields. Totally overestimated the size of the park, we were finished our loop less about 2km. Stomach was playing up so we headed to St Heliers for some ice cream ( to resolve said tummy issues… I’ll pretend anyway) and then I headed out again once home for a run around the block to take me to 4km. Ended up just walking but I enjoyed the sunshine!

I’d definitely recommend The Village Co-op for delicious ice cream if you are in the neighbourhood, there might just be a little bit of a wait (chocolate sticks or mini gingerbread men in the ice cream totally make up for it though!).

All in all a first week I with happy with. I struggled a bit near the end of the week, but still got out there each day as planned.

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actually running in LA

Because I apparently didn’t save a draft and posted a very short note about not running, here is part two…

I did actually run in LA!

On my last day before my tour I was awake bright and early again. I did seem to be struck by a little jetlag, struggling to sleep before midnight and the awake at 6am. I was staying in a hostel, so had all my gear ready to creep out of the room at 6.30am for a run.

I did question my sanity (getting up early to run on holiday??), but it was gorgeous, and a lovely way to see uncrowded Santa Monica beach.


It was a very gentle run-stop take photo-run effort, but great to get out there, especially after eating such unhealthy food and walking kilometre after kilometre in jandals!


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run-walking on sunshine

After the gross weather we have had all week I was so happy to see sunshine peeking through the curtains this morning. Admittedly it is quite chilly out there, and my standard weekend ‘uniform’ of tank top, jeans, a cardie and ballet flats weren’t quite warm enough for running errands this morning.

The drop in temperature did mean a switch from usual short running shorts (necessary in the summer heat) to my 7/8 length lululemon tights. While I can’t believe how expensive they are, and that their quality seems to be dropping these are the Rangitoto view from Mission Baytights I spent forever searching for. Long enough to stop riding up above my calves and just all-comfy no fuss for running.

It was beautiful along the waterfront and it felt so nice to be in the sunshine. I also had no IT band or knee pain (cue angels singing), which might have been helped by me propping up the insole in my left shoe… I will try this again, hopefully it will alleviate some of my issues. Being cautious it was still just alternating five minute walks and runs along my usual 6.5km course.

I was especially glad to run today considering I had lamb roast family my family on Thursday, I’m having roast dinner with the triathletes family tonight and I’ve planned a three course extravaganza for Mother’s Day tomorrow night!

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