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beat the ten

Since the Auckland Half, I’ve struggled a bit to keep motivated. This probably also has a bit to do with having spent six weeks in a training group, and now being back on my own. I’m still happy with my call not to do TempoFit this side of Christmas and with various events and things happening with work it would have meant a very stressed Michelle all December had I done so!

They have also increased ‘Earlybird Parking’ near my work to almost $18, which is ridiculous and makes it harder to plan getting places post-work if I need to drive there. It is also practically daylight robbery…

I had seen the Nike Run Club around town and have followed Nike Britomart on Facebook for some time, but had never attended an event. I finally decided to be brave (current trend for me obviously) and go along one night. They are doing a four week program in the lead up to Christmas, culminating in a a 10km time trial on 18th December. The focus is either ‘Break the Ten’ or ‘Beat the Ten’ – I’m aiming to break my current 10km time of 57min 48sec on a run earlier this year. I’m sure I did the first 10km of the Auckland Half in under this time, but as I don’t have that on record my goal is to beat 57 minutes!


In the first week the Wednesday session was speed work. I thought it would be okay, boy was I wrong! I joined the easy/fun group but we took off at a fast pace from Britomart to Western Park in Ponsonby. There we did stair, hill and park run drills. It was tough! It was also raining, but thankfully quite warm. Last time (and the only times prior) I had been to Western Park was for Art in the Dark, so it was good to see my huffing and puffing up the hills on those nights was justified! My legs really struggled with the hills and steps, I was even cramping up on the last few drills. We still had to run all the way back to Britomart and when I plotted it on mapometer.com I think the evening would have been about 10km.

I’m heading along tomorrow night for an injury prevention session and either a 6 or 11km run. Hopefully this won’t be quite as hard and I won’t be sore for three days like last week!

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race pace, race face

Saturday was my last TempoFit session. I’m sad the season has come to an end, the 6 week program has meant I am ready ready ready for the Auckland Half Marathon, so I’ve signed up for 2014! I felt I needed a bit of a break after this training period, plus heading into the silly season some less structured training might be better for me.

To finish up, we did a 2km warm-up, followed by 5x1km at race pace (continuous). I was aiming for 5.40/km here, the absolute minimum I need to crack 2 hours. Turns out my little bunch of three (including me) ran this at 5.30/km. We followed this up with a light 15 minute run.

Considering a few months ago I couldn’t run more than 20 minutes straight, I’m pretty excited to be able to say I did a 2km warm-up, then a 5km workout! I may have said this to the triathlete multiple times over the weekend. To his credit he continued to reply that he was proud of me ­čÖé

I felt pretty good after the 5km, and even after our additional jog. This gives me confidence for the half-marathon, but now I’m struggling to decide on my actual goals. I think the idea of having an A, B and C goal might be good for me, especially if it is hot, or things just don’t quite go to plan. A niggly hip following some furniture moving over the weekend is also causing me some concern.

With a week to go, I’m rolling, icing, resting, using voltaren. Now to just get myself mentally ready, set my goals, and sort out my iPod!

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back at it – 12 week countdown

Thnakfully my legs had some strength thanks to my various activities on my three week trip! After taking the first week home very easy, getting back to indoor netball and taking a 20 minute run that weekend, I put together for plan for the next twelve weeks in preparation for the Auckland Half Marathon. I was struggling from plan overload – some just required waaay too much time, others were a bit too advanced, and some I just couldn’t cope with all of the conversions from miles to kilometres to identify whether it would be appropriate!

Perhaps I should take Nike's advice?

Perhaps I should take Nike’s advice?

In the end I thought realistically about the time I am willing to dedicate to training amongst my work commitments, family time and making sure I have time to relax. I ended up putting together a plan based on a number of others – with a longer run on the weekend, 2-3 shorter runs during the week and some core/strength training once per week. I also play netball each week, so that will be my a cross-training day.

The main thing for me is that if I don’t plan it out and have something to work towards, it will be like my previous years where I haven’t trained. We’ll see how it goes this time – at least by putting together my own plan I can manage it without feeling like I am falling behind what I have to do.

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run-walking on sunshine

After the gross weather we have had all week I was so happy to see sunshine peeking through the curtains this morning. Admittedly it is quite chilly out there, and my standard weekend ‘uniform’ of tank top, jeans, a cardie and ballet flats weren’t quite warm enough for running errands this morning.

The drop in temperature did mean a switch from usual short running shorts (necessary in the summer heat) to my 7/8 length lululemon tights. While I can’t believe how expensive they are, and that their quality seems to be dropping these are the Rangitoto view from Mission Baytights I spent forever searching for. Long enough to stop riding up above my calves and just all-comfy no fuss for running.

It was beautiful along the waterfront and it felt so nice to be in the sunshine. I also had no IT band or knee pain (cue angels singing), which might have been helped by me propping up the insole in my left shoe… I will try this again, hopefully it will alleviate some of my issues. Being cautious it was still just alternating five minute walks and runs along my usual 6.5km course.

I was especially glad to run today considering I had lamb roast family my family on Thursday, I’m having roast dinner with the triathletes family tonight and I’ve planned a three course extravaganza for Mother’s Day tomorrow night!

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the plan from here

The plan? Run Run Run!

Really, I need to run. I’ve signed up to do the adidas Auckland Half Marathon in early November. Last year I registered, but downgraded to the 10K due to my lack of training. It was the sensible thing to do but I was frustrated at myself – which is why this year I’m determined to train.

I’ll also be doing three of the Unitec Run & Walk events in the lead up, and the Sculpt Women’s 6K a few weeks after the half. I’m currently searching for a race to do while I’m on holiday in the US in July for three weeks, because I realise that a Contiki + running training probably won’t mix quite so well.

The majority of training plans available tend to have you running 5-6 times a week. That just isn’t me – I don’t want this take over my life – so I’m following a plan which is based on 3-4 run sessions per week (including speedwork and hills!). Adding in core workouts, indoor netball and some stretching/yoga work, I think this has me covered.

If I’ve got a written plan in place, I’m less likely to pike out. This blog is another way to keep me accountable!

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taking back the run

I’d finally got to the point where I could run for 30 minutes easily. I’d even got up early and gone for a run while on holiday in Sydney, and enjoyed it. I was following a 20-week half-marathon training plan that I had started after a month of short, sensible build-up runs where I progressed from five minutes of running to twenty minutes, and was about five weeks into the plan before this happened.

I’d just finished my best run to date (9km in 51 minutes) only to be struggling to walk up and down the stairs at home.┬áNot ideal when you live in a two-storey house. Turns out it was my IT band playing up so since then I’ve been using a foam roller, resting and stretching, but now I’m ready to get back into running.

Each weekend I’ve tried to run/walk, sandwiching five minutes of running between five minutes of walking each time.┬áThis weekend I managed four five-minute-runs and I feel like I’m back on track.

Now to figure out my modified training plan…

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