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twelve and up

Well. #50daysofwinterrunning has felt like it has become 50 days of trying to avoid the awful weather (since when is Auckland crazy windy?!) and keep all the cold germs at bay. I did take the opportunity to pop outside from work and get some sun and fresh air the other day but nearly froze in the wind!

freezing in the wind

So, there may not have been too much planned running actually being completed but recently I have…

… finished the Run Auckland 10km at Western Springs. Turned out it was actually only 9.5km, but I still ran it much faster than my usual pace which gave me some confidence. Each of my four laps was quicker than the previous so for once my pacing was spot on! I started alongside the 5:30min/km pacer but quickly decided I could push it a bit more and I am glad I did. Also learnt a good lesson that no matter how chilly I think it is, Auckland only requires a singlet or t-shirt in a race.

… completed an awesome long run through the suburbs to the west of the city. It was nice to mix things up a bit, although we ended up running 1.5km more than expected. Not quite sure what happens but on my long slow runs my garmin often understates the distance (it measured 18km).

the long run that was longer than expected…

… started the Run Auckland Half Marathon in Orewa, and pulled out halfway through. I went along with my running buddy and she beat our 2 hour goal by a couple of minutes which was awesome. We turned up to find that there were no portaloos (really?!) and the only bathrooms were at the 5km mark. With race morning for once ‘going to plan’ I was very disappointed by this. I started a bit too fast to try get ahead to the bathrooms and remain on track, but this wash’t very successful. With the two weeks off previous due to a cold and my hip/IT band aching I decided it was smart to stop after one lap of the two lap course. It was the right decision and I enjoyed cheering on my various TempoFit buddies as they came through!

… ran the first event in the Unitec Run & Walk series at Mt Albert. I have signed up for the two lap series, and this weekend it was the 5km event. With only my parkrun times to go off, I had a goal in mind of 25 minutes. I didn’t quite get this, but finished in just under 25 1/2 minutes – which is still about 2 minutes faster than my parkrun times! I’m looking forward to getting back to TempoFit and doing some speed work to keep improving. I actually ended up as 3rd female out of 135 runners and walkers, which was a nice surprise when I checked the results yesterday afternoon.


a not so fast placing!








I’m now looking forward to the next four events in the Unitec Series and starting back at TempoFit next week. Motivation to run alone in the cold has been almost completely lacking!

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final countdown

Three bad nights of sleep, three running ‘nightmares’.

Not quite your usual scary dreams, instead I dreamt that:

– I missed the start of the race and had to sprint to catch up after being stuck in the portaloo lines

– I was wearing all my jewellery (including my ‘business watch’ which I never wear running) and had forgotten my Garmin

– I slept through my alarms and woke up at 6.30am. As the race starts at 7am in Devonport…

This meant not such a restful few nights, especially when the triathlete was accidentally locked out of the house by our flatmate last night – meaning I got woken up at 1am when he got home! And then at 3am… Silly work social events đŸ™‚

Other than sleeping it has been a good week – lots of rest, a short run on Monday and Friday, delicious dinner with the girls on Thursday night (no cocktails for me, boo!) and a visit to the adidas Auckland Marathon expo.

I chatted to lots of friendly exhibitors, including the Unitec Run & Walk Events, Coatesville Classic/Albany Lakes, Sport Beans and Runner’s World. I may have also entered a few events this week… More to come on that!

Thankfully it is a nice warm day here today, I’m off to meet some other running ladies for a catch-up before the big day tomorrow!

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turning up the heat

A sunny Sunday morning.

And what am I doing? Instead of having a relaxing breakfast on the deck, I was trying to choke down some GF toast and a banana, before driving out to Sir Barry Curtis Park for the final Unitec Run and Walk event for 2013.

I had a little bit of trouble parking, but it was very quick to get my bib. Lots of porta-loos too which meant ‘happy’ runners, although with two minutes to go there was still a large line!

I quickly realised that the heat was going to impact my time, and decided to revise my expectations. Mentally, it was the right thing to amend my goal time of 1hr 30min for the 16km to 1hr 45min. This took a bit of pressure off, and when I discovered the slightly hilly nature of the course I realised I’d made a good call. No point going to hard with just a month to go until the Auckland Half Marathon. It was over a good mixture of dirt path, paved footpath, road and grass which helped break it up in my mind. It was hard to go through the start/finish line gantry when starting lap two – I can’t imagine how the four lap runners felt! At least they had started at 8am.

I was glad I’d applied a lot of sunscreen before I left home, especially on my face, as I made the mistake of leaving my cap at home. I usually run with a cap, not sunglasses, but I didn’t even have a back-up pair in the car to use. At least you can tell it is me in the event photos this time! I still managed to end up with the awkward runner tan line of a triangular elbow crease. At least this shows my arms were in the correct formation for the run.

It was a very friendly race and some kind words and a smile from two ladies (that had actually met each other in the porta-loo queue and ran the event together) helped me get through despite the heat and my aching body. I tried jelly beans in this race for a quick sugar kick, and they thankfully didn’t make my already grumpy stomach any worse.

I’m not sure I’ve ever run that far in training (even when training for my marathon…) so I felt pretty pleased to finish, even if slower than expected in 1hr 37min. My garmin also measured only 15.3km… But I’m definitely claiming this one as 16km!


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a high five for highbrook in week five

There is something awesome about managing a cheesy countdown title each week. Pretty stoked with this one, perhaps another high five is needed?


A busy work week and a slightly aching leg meant I took things easy this week. By easy, I didn’t run at all during the week. The triathlete and I had a windy run on the Saturday along the waterfront. I was not a happy runner that day (am sensing a trend here…) especially with him doing his intervals and leaving me in his dust. I might blame it on jealousy! I did 7km in 43 minutes, and it was tough. The last kilometre I felt like I had concrete feet and was so sluggish. This made me a little worried for the next morning, so like any good runner I did my hair, picked out my outfit and had a glass of wine on the Saturday night.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early and headed out to Highbrook Business Park for the Unitec Run and Walk event. I had moved from the 14km to 7km event and I was really pleased with that as it was really cold and windy! I knew I wanted to finish in 40 minutes and I’m pleased to say I did, finishing in 39.54. As I came over the hill I started sprinting to make it. I finished as the 5th female (of 60)  and 14th overall (of 90) in my event. Once I had recovered we went into town to visit the Auckland Art Gallery and do a spot of shopping. Not a bad Sunday!


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week two and still no walking!

After finishing up my first week and feeling good, it was on and into week two.

It was a week of awful weather but I managed most of my plan. I slogged through a 5km run on the Tuesday and should have followed this up on the Wednesday but some really rough wind and rain meant I did 3 Nike Training Club workouts. This a great app and I highly recommend it (and it is free!). You can pick either 15 or 30 minute workouts and what you would like to focus on. Being the weakling I am I found it pretty hard but certainly worked up a sweat in lieu of my run.

I headed to the waterfront on the Saturday morning for my usual 4km run, which was once again interrupted by a call from my Mum! I plodded slowly knowing I had the Unitec Run & Walk event the next day at Cheltenham Beach.

A pasta dinner and an early night, my gear all ready to go… And then the thunderstorms started. Heavy rain and rumbling thunder in our little valley in the eastern bays meant I had very little sleep. I’d convinced the triathlete to run the 6km with me (I had moved down from the 12km) but we made the ‘smart’ call not drive to the North Shore in the bad weather to spend time standing and running in the rain. Instead we went for brunch at the very early time of 8am!

I did fit in the 6km by turning in the afternoon, so at least I stuck to the plan and avoided getting sick from the rain.

Thankfully no issues with my IT band at this point in time, keeping my fingers crossed and rolling a lot. I do need to pick up my core exercises but am struggling to get the motivation.

Just 10 weeks to go until the Auckland Half!

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