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november project

I came across November Project this weekend. I read this article at Runner’s World. I watched this video. I checked out their website.

And now I really wish we had it here in Auckland!

Not 100% sure how I feel about hugging sweaty strangers, and it would have to be even earlier for me to fit it in around work… But really, this might actually be enough to get me to run before work (that, and the birds outside my window chirping at 5AM EVERY SINGLE DAY).

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running towards…

5km or 10km?

I  can’t decide which to enter in the Run Auckland event at Onepoto Domain on the 9th June. The triathlete will do the 10km, which might just demotivate me a bit much knowing how much slower I am than him. He completed the Powerade Challenge this week in a superfast time.

I know the sensible option is the 5km, except if I try to run too hard and finish quickly. At least with the 10km, I’ll know I need to be careful and run slower to make sure I can finish without injury. I’d still definitely be trying to beat my 10km time from last November, and finish in under an hour though. The benefit of this event is that we can decide on the morning as it is a casual event.  This will be the first of a few events I’ll complete in the lead up to the Auckland Half Marathon, I feel that getting in a bit of ‘race’ practice will be good for me, especially in terms of hydration. I really don’t like drinking while running or playing sport, but know it is important and probably a factor in my marathon performance.

On another note, the countdown is on to my USA trip, and I’ve found a race for the morning after I arrive. I’ll be staying in Santa Monica for my first few days, and there is a fun run there I’m thinking of entering. They offer 5km, 10km, 15km and a half marathon options – I can at least be sensible enough to know that anything more than 10km on my limited training the morning after flying for 13 hours would not be a good idea! Plus, I would really like to be able to walk on my travels – I did learn my lesson doing a marathon just a week before travelling around Europe… Has anyone attended a Rocket Racing Productions event before? They seem like a fun, casual event.

I’m getting excited about being here!

At least all the walking around exploring new cities will keep my muscles moving, I need to be ready to run a 12km race in Devonport three weeks after I get home. That race covers some of the Auckland Half-Marathon course, and has a few hills so it will good practice. Its also near where I did my first ‘long’ run of 10km a few weeks before my first half marathon, back in 2009. That was such an achievement, and I’m grateful for my university friend who made me run before that race! Now I just have the challenge of beating the time I achieved that year.

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