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finishing off 2013

For the final day of 2013, I decided a morning run was in order. As we are (thankfully) operating on an early/late schedule due to it being such a quiet time, with today being my turn to start “late” I was still able to sleep until 7am before heading out.

5km along the waterfront made me realise once again how awesome Auckland can be – especially when half the population seems to be away!

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swimming before summer

I never would have guessed I’d be this brave, but I went for a swim at our local beach before summer has even started.

Kohimarama Beach

Kohimarama Beach

By “swim” I mean that I stood in knee-high water shivering while the triathlete swam, feeling like a wimp. When he decided it was time to get out, I was finally ready to be BRAVE… So gingerly attempted a bit of breaststroke and did a few duck-dives. I love swimming and being in the water, but hate being cold. Roll on 1st December and the start of Summer!


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kite surfing at kohi

Summer weather and that awesome holiday feeling seems to have hit Auckland hard in the past couple of weeks. The North Wharf and Viaduct bars are really busy in the evenings, people are having Christmas parties, work seems to be slowing down… And the beaches and waterfront have been really busy with people!

On the drive home each day we pass multiple people cycling, running or walking. Even on a busy day Tamaki Drive beats the motorway hands down, watching the boats out on the water and people out being active instead of queues of cars.

On Wednesday night I ran through Mission Bay and Kohimarama and spotted lots of different summer activities – volleyball, stand up paddleboarding, kite surfers and rollerbladers – in addition to the usual evening runners, walkers and cyclists. I even had a few smiles returned from other runners which is rare!

Its been challenging to keep myself motivated to get out and run alone since finishing up with TempoFit and after the half, so I’ve dragged the triathlete out for a few runs recently (generally run-walk as my legs are a bit niggly). He commented on ‘how hard’ it was to start running again after not training for a while – I laughed and told him now he knew how I felt trailing along behind him only six months ago! Hopefully he’ll start training again soon – injuries suck!

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in the long run

In the long run… Training will be worth it.

In the long run… I’ll be a much stronger runner.

In the long run… My stomach will get over it.

And while I’m actually in the ‘long run’ my mind wanders all over the show – food, work, clothes, travel… I also seem to lose the ability to do simple maths (like how many km’s to go!).

I’ve been working hard over the past couple of weeks. I’ve made it to all my TempoFit sessions. I ran an additional 5.5km after our long run last Saturday to get my distance up to 18km. I also figured out that eating banana before running is not a good breakfast choice, but that 2-3 slices of my favourite GF toast (with Vegemite) and a glass of water works.

The jelly beans have been going well and I’ve been making sure I drink water at our water station in the long runs. Sloshing water is still a weird feeling in my stomach but I should be prepared for race day. It has suddenly got quite hot and sunny here and I’m realising how important fluid is. Thankfully the half marathon starts at 7am, whereas I’ve been starting my long run about 8.30am.

After completing most of my long runs at 6.30min/km pace, I knew I needed to pick it up this weekend to try figure out my half marathon target time. I set myself the goal of running at 6min/km pace for at least the first 5km, then I could reassess. I felt good at 5km and kept my pace steady as I went solo for the next 15 minutes (I’d been running with another girl but we knew we were tackling this run differently).

I reached 45 minutes and turned to head back to town. Of course this meant running into the wind again (I swear it switched on me!) and towards some dark clouds. The dark clouds became some light drops which were welcomed, and then driving rain, which was not. I had the difficult choice of taking the shortcut back to our meeting place, or retracing our original route which would take a bit longer. Some others from our group were ahead and going the long way, I decided to suck it up and do it too – even in the rain!

I’d kept my pace well and realised I could make it back in less than 45 minutes – negative splits!! I stopped my watch on exactly 15km, I’d been running for 1hr 27mins. I felt pretty ecstatic, especially as I pushed the last couple of km’s to make sure I got there under an hour and half. Good progress and I was excited to show our coach I’d managed UNDER 6min/km pace considering my other runs had all been much slower.

Now to try and decide my race pace…!

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taking the long way home

One of the benefits of working in town and living in the Eastern Bays is that our commute is actually really nice. So much so that we can’t imagine moving elsewhere, we’ll enjoy this while we can!

I decided that I’d utilise my time well and run home work on Tuesday night. I dropped my gear off to the triathlete after walking the 1km between our buildings and started jogging along the waterfront. Turns out I was running a little too fast – I’ll blame that on the sunshine following daylights savings and winding the clock back! I slowed down a bit and joined a number of others making my way out of town along the waterfront path.

I took a stretch/water break about the 4k mark, knowing I had a decision to make soon – take the earlier turn (shorter distance overall, but a slow grind up and then a killer hill), or take the later turn (longer distance but flat except for one hill to climb as my war down). My legs were feeling good, so I decided on the later turn and making it to 8km. At this point I also realised I could try and do it in 45 minutes, and I achieved this! Being that I only just managed to complete a 7km event in 40 minutes, and the 8km was after a long day at work, I felt pretty awesome, and then I felt like I needed a sleep!

This involved a bit of planning and more time co-ordination than usual, but I think it paid off. Thankfully the weather was nice – and once the triathlete drove off I had no choice but to run home (I did have a bus card and some cash ‘just in case’ but I was strong!)

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keeping up with the boy(s)

Well, I tried too. And I managed for a little bit…

Monday – headed out with triathlete, and triathletes brother, who is also a triathlete – albeit currently injured. We headed to the waterfront at a quick pace. Triathletes brother turned back about the 1.5km mark, and I let the triathlete continue on from the 3km mark while I turned back. They run a lot faster than me but I managed to keep up, and try continue the pace myself. I did accidentally stop my stopwatch so I don’t know how long I ran for, but there was no pain and I felt awesome.

Tuesday – another great battle at indoor netball! I play with a work team in a mixed grade, and sometimes it leads to some intense battles. I’ve had some serious clashes and bruises from games, but thankfully this week I escaped unscathed and even mixed it up a little and played attack – contributing to the goal count for once (usually I’m hanging out in defence).

Wednesday – well deserved rest… and prepared all my gear for a run the following night.

Thursday – my preparation paid off and I headed out for a run as soon as I got home from work. Triathlete decided not to head out despite my pleas, so a solo run it was. The injured triathlete joined me for the first 1km so I tried to retain his pace for my run. It was a bit too fast and I took a walk break after the first 3km. I then ran back and kept my HR pretty high. Unfortunately my micoach didn’t save my data correctly. This was my first tracked run in some time so I’d been excited to see the results. Sad face.

Lesson learnt this week after spending two days with sore legs is that if I’m going to run with the boys I need to do a quick warm up by myself first. And best of all, no IT band pain!

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run-walking on sunshine

After the gross weather we have had all week I was so happy to see sunshine peeking through the curtains this morning. Admittedly it is quite chilly out there, and my standard weekend ‘uniform’ of tank top, jeans, a cardie and ballet flats weren’t quite warm enough for running errands this morning.

The drop in temperature did mean a switch from usual short running shorts (necessary in the summer heat) to my 7/8 length lululemon tights. While I can’t believe how expensive they are, and that their quality seems to be dropping these are the Rangitoto view from Mission Baytights I spent forever searching for. Long enough to stop riding up above my calves and just all-comfy no fuss for running.

It was beautiful along the waterfront and it felt so nice to be in the sunshine. I also had no IT band or knee pain (cue angels singing), which might have been helped by me propping up the insole in my left shoe… I will try this again, hopefully it will alleviate some of my issues. Being cautious it was still just alternating five minute walks and runs along my usual 6.5km course.

I was especially glad to run today considering I had lamb roast family my family on Thursday, I’m having roast dinner with the triathletes family tonight and I’ve planned a three course extravaganza for Mother’s Day tomorrow night!

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the powerade challenge

The Powerade Challenge is back again!

It’s a 9K route along the Auckland waterfront, which you time yourself on using a nifty wristband and two vending machines. I’ll be including this as part of my training. It’s a relatively flat course, but it can get pretty windy along there.

The challenge course just happens to be part of my route to work each day. Regardless of whether I drive, catch the bus or catch the train to work, I get to enjoy the everchanging waterfront. In just one week we might have crazy storms with the waves crashing onto the footpath, to a beautiful sunrise reflecting across the calm water, to sunshine and wind with lots of sailors out and about.

It will the great to challenge myself against a bunch of work colleagues in our ‘team’, although really with my current IT band issue I’ll be glad to just make it the whole way a few times. The current plan is to do a slow run this weekend – and a run/walk attempt at the powerade challenge course next weekend! I’ll aim to complete the course four times over the two month period it runs for.

If you spot a slow runner in bright pink shoes, give me a wave – I might be battling!

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tortoise times

It’s tough to keep heading out for a run and ‘hold back’ – either because I’m trying to not go too hard too soon or because it does actually start hurting!

Yesterday afternoon I decided it was time for another run. It was still pretty windy so we tried something different and headed through a large park near our house. I’ve found the worst pain comes from walking downstairs so when we came across a large concrete staircase I was glad to have the triathlete about to carry me down! We took it slow but I still enjoyed getting out in the sunshine, and we still managed to cover about 6km.

Today I was itching to run again so I headed back to the waterfront. I covered just over 6km in forty minutes, which included three 5-minute runs and a 1-minute sprint. I was probably running a little too fast considering the issues I’ve had with my leg – but it felt so awesome to run again! I also think my running form was better when I wasn’t trying to run really slow.¬†

Sitting on the couch my leg and hip are both feeling a bit tight but I’m looking forward to putting in place a training schedule once I’m fully healed.

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