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swimming before summer

I never would have guessed I’d be this brave, but I went for a swim at our local beach before summer has even started.

Kohimarama Beach

Kohimarama Beach

By “swim” I mean that I stood in knee-high water shivering while the triathlete swam, feeling like a wimp. When he decided it was time to get out, I was finally ready to be BRAVE… So gingerly attempted a bit of breaststroke and did a few duck-dives. I love swimming and being in the water, but hate being cold. Roll on 1st December and the start of Summer!


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race pace, race face

Saturday was my last TempoFit session. I’m sad the season has come to an end, the 6 week program has meant I am ready ready ready for the Auckland Half Marathon, so I’ve signed up for 2014! I felt I needed a bit of a break after this training period, plus heading into the silly season some less structured training might be better for me.

To finish up, we did a 2km warm-up, followed by 5x1km at race pace (continuous). I was aiming for 5.40/km here, the absolute minimum I need to crack 2 hours. Turns out my little bunch of three (including me) ran this at 5.30/km. We followed this up with a light 15 minute run.

Considering a few months ago I couldn’t run more than 20 minutes straight, I’m pretty excited to be able to say I did a 2km warm-up, then a 5km workout! I may have said this to the triathlete multiple times over the weekend. To his credit he continued to reply that he was proud of me ūüôā

I felt pretty good after the 5km, and even after our additional jog. This gives me confidence for the half-marathon, but now I’m struggling to decide on my actual goals. I think the idea of having an A, B and C goal might be good for me, especially if it is hot, or things just don’t quite go to plan. A niggly hip following some furniture moving over the weekend is also causing me some concern.

With a week to go, I’m rolling, icing, resting, using voltaren. Now to just get myself mentally ready, set my goals, and sort out my iPod!

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turning up the heat

A sunny Sunday morning.

And what am I doing? Instead of having a relaxing breakfast on the deck, I was trying to choke down some GF toast and a banana, before driving out to Sir Barry Curtis Park for the final Unitec Run and Walk event for 2013.

I had a little bit of trouble parking, but it was very quick to get my bib. Lots of porta-loos too which meant ‘happy’ runners, although with two minutes to go there was still a large line!

I quickly realised that the heat was going to impact my time, and decided to revise my expectations. Mentally, it was the right thing to amend my goal time of 1hr 30min for the 16km to 1hr 45min. This took a bit of pressure off, and when I discovered the slightly hilly nature of the course I realised I’d made a good call. No point going to hard with just a month to go until the Auckland Half Marathon. It was over a good mixture of dirt path, paved footpath, road and grass which helped break it up in my mind.¬†It was hard to go through the start/finish line gantry when starting lap two – I can’t imagine how the four lap runners felt! At least they had started at 8am.

I was glad I’d applied a lot of sunscreen before I left home, especially on my face, as I made the mistake of leaving my cap at home. I usually run with a cap, not sunglasses, but I didn’t even have a back-up pair in the car to use. At least you can tell it is me in the event photos this time! I still managed to end up with the awkward runner tan line of a triangular elbow crease. At least this shows my arms were in the correct formation for the run.

It was a very friendly race and some kind words and a smile from two ladies (that had actually met each other in the porta-loo queue and ran the event together) helped me get through despite the heat and my aching body. I tried jelly beans in this race for a quick sugar kick, and they thankfully didn’t make my already grumpy stomach any worse.

I’m not sure I’ve ever run that far in training (even when training for my marathon…) so I felt pretty pleased to finish, even if slower than expected in 1hr 37min. My garmin also measured only 15.3km… But I’m definitely claiming this one as 16km!


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nifty running gear finds

When I find something I really like, I’ve learnt to buy more than one to avoid the disappointment of it having been discontinued when I look for a replacement. As most females can probably relate to, in the case of jeans I will generally buy two sizes –¬†the ‘skinny’ pair and the ‘not-so-skinny’ pair. Case in point, my favourite Adidas running singlets. These are perfect – flat stitching, a small pocket and long enough to cover this long torso.

After some advice from Super Generic Girl¬†I went to Dressmart Onehunga to search for a running jacket. This little number from Nike ticked most of the boxes on my wish list. I was really surprised at how hard it was to find what I was after, although it seems a lot of people don’t like waterproof jackets due to their sweat-keeping-in properties. I decided I’d take that over getting drenched. It should also make me easier to see in the dark!


With my crazy frizzy hair (tamed into submission with GHDs each day) not quite behaving during runs now that it is too dark at night to wear a cap, these little bands have been a lifesaver. I’ll be having a Keratin Blowout next weekend which should make winter/travel/running hair a little easier.


And to add to my increasingly colourful running wardrobe, a bright long top to keep me a bit warmer. Considering my corporate wardrobe is based on a lot of black, grey and white with occasional hints of colour this is pretty bold for me – especially combined with the bright pink Lunarglides (although they may be ditched soon…).


Thank goodness Rebel Sports have sales practically every weekend, since I refuse to pay full price for running clothes!

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drowned rat

I have to count running in the rain yesterday as one of my favourite runs ever – up there with running in the snow in Copenhagen, and through the Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

It had been raining on and off but I decided to take my chance and head out for a run. I headed uphill to start off with only a few spots of rain. This quickly changed to some steady rain, but it was still warm enough to be comfortable.

I was running well, my knee wasn’t hurting… and then the torrential downpourt begun! I was very happy I’d chosen my¬†adiZero featherlite shoes (over my usual Nike¬†LunarGlides)¬†as they didn’t¬†absorb too much water, and¬†that I was wearing a cap so could still see.¬†I was also glad I’d¬†decided to leave my ipod at home for this run, as I don’t think it would have survived.

I managed to run for about twenty minutes over¬†quite a¬†hilly area¬†– the longest I’ve managed since my IT band issue started in February. Running downhill on the last stretch was interesting,¬†there was so¬†much surface¬†water that the¬†water in the gutters was level with the¬†footpath, and there were rivers of water¬†rushing down the¬†driveways.

I’d always been a bit nervous about running in the wet, and while I probably wouldn’t want to do this in the winter and risk¬†getting¬†sick, I had so much fun! I literally could not wipe the smile off my face, even when my flatmate laughed at me when she opened the front door to see me standing there like a drowned rat. Turns out that¬†my¬†‘rain jacket’¬†really can’t cope with any rain, instead it just added a bit of extra weight for me so schlep around the streets.

There is more torrential downpours expected this week, knowing¬†Auckland I’ll probably¬†head out in the sunshine and then get¬†caught in the rain.¬†

Now the challenge is on to find the perfect running jacket! It needs to be light, waterproof, have a hood with a drawstring, a fitted/adjustable hem,¬†adjustable sleeve ends¬†and be long enough to stop riding up above my hips, ideally be reflective and not cost the earth… surely that should be easy to find?

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