fast(er) feet

In the first week of TempoFit, I ran the 3km grass circuit in 16:13.

Six weeks later, I ran the same 3km circuit in 14:39.

I felt both awesome and relieved. I knew I could crack 15min due to a run I’d had a few weeks earlier, but I wasn’t quite sure how I would go on the grass, after a full day at work. Turns out I’m pretty stubborn and determined, and I did well. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my sweaty face!

My plan was to start at about 5:15/km pace, then pick it up for the last lap. Turns out I managed to run most of it a bit faster than expected, and still picked up the last 250m for a strong finish.

I was also excited for my running buddies – we had some great results and most of the ladies I have been running with all broke 15min too! I’d been just behind or beside one lady for most of the run, and managed to spit out ‘we can smash 15’ as we rounded the 2.5km mark.

I had a slightly sore calf the following day – the first time in a while I’ve actually hurt (rather than just being tired) the day after a training. I think this means I was training my body well and not pushing too hard.

Based off race predictor calculations this suggests I should just be able to crack 2 hrs (literally just), I’ll be doing a ‘race pace’ 5km this weekend to see whether 5.40/km is actually realistic…

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One thought on “fast(er) feet

  1. fullrunner says:

    Sounds like you’ve made big improvements in a matter of weeks – it should make for a great race this weekend!
    Good luck!

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